Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jarrod's First Stop

Well I've made it to South Carolina, and will be here for a little less than four weeks. The ride down was charter bus from Norfolk Naval Station. There was a really nice crowd from a local church that saw us off, and provided us with some great bags of stuff to get us started on our journey. It is cold here, but I've got plenty of clothes to stay warm. I've already begun giving Jenny a list of things that I left at home. I'm already missing my family but was fortunate enough to get to Skype with them this evening. More to come...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Busch Gardens Christmas Town

It's the most wonderful time of the year! We decided to start the Christmas season off with a bang and head out to the opening evening of the Busch Gardens Christmas Town. This is the first year that Busch Gardens has opened the theme park for the Christmas season, and we thought that it was great. Luckily the rain/sleet mixture blew through about 15 minutes before we got there. Although it wasn't wet, it sure was cold for this Texas family!!! We were very happy that the winter coat that we ordered for Trenton came in the mail today!

We started off at the North Pole to visit Santa. Trenton wasn't really excited about Santa Claus, but at least he didn't cry!!!

Trenton's first time on Santa's lap

Daddy and Trenton with Jolly the Elf

Our next stop was Das Festhaus in Germany for the Deck the Halls show. The show consisted of a lot of singing a dancing to the classic Christmas songs we all grew up with. Frosty the Snowman even made an appearance for the show (I missed a picture of him though)!

Trenton was annoyed that I was interrupting the show to take a picture of him!

The whole family in front of the 45 ft Christmas tree outside Das Festhaus

Did you know that penguins live in France? Neither did we! After Deck the Halls, we marched on to France to see if we could catch a glimpse of these penguins. When we arrived in France, the wait was over an hour to see the penguins, and since it was now dark and even colder, we decided that the penguins would have to wait until our next visit to Christmas town. No penguins are worth catching a cold over!!! Trenton and Daddy were able to catch a picture with the French snowman though!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our friends, the Federico's came over to spend the day with us. I made all of the boys pilgrim costumes to wear. Trenton wasn't a big fan of his, so he didn't stay in it very long. At least the older boys were fans! We missed all of our family today, but were very happy to be able to spend the day with such great friends!

Happy Thanksgiving from our little Pilgrim!

Matthew and Christopher in their costumes. Matthew loved his so much that he did want to take it off for the Federico family Christmas card picture!

Jarrod's turkey frying station

Trenton & Mommy decorating turkey cookies!

I hope Mommy lets me eat some of this!!!

Amy helping the boys with their cookies

Amy & Christopher

Story time with Mrs. Amy!

Time to say bye to Samantha!

Trenton & Mommy gearing up for the Aggie game!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's a Girl! ....We Think

We had our ultrasound done today to find out if we are having another boy or a girl. The answer that we got was, "It's a girl, but don't go and paint the nursery yet because I'm not 100% sure." The fact that my amniotic fluid level was low coupled with not so great for pictures position that the baby was in meant that a lot of the measurements that needed to be done, couldn't get done today. I go back in a month for another ultrasound to check my fluid levels, take a closer look at the baby's heart, and to confirm the gender.

So at least for now, here's Charlotte:

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Family Time in Farmersville

We just returned to Virginia from our road trip last night. We did 22 straight hours on the road (Trenton was an ANGEL) to hurry back to make sure our house hadn't flooded from the remnants of Tropical Storm Ida. Luckily everything looks fine, and all we have to do is clean the wet furniture on the screened porch.

We had a great time catching up with family in Farmersville. Trenton hadn't seen Nana, Papaw, Aunt Jennifer, and JJ in a while, and was really missing them. Plus, he got to meet a bunch of aunts, uncles, and cousins that he hadn't met before. He also got to meet his Nanmaw. I forgot my camera in the car that day, so I'll have to get some pictures of the two of them next time we see Nanmaw.

We were also lucky enough to get to meet Baby Karlie, the daughter of our friends Michael and Brook. Karlie was born while we were in Hillje and was about six and a half weeks early. Angels were watching over her and her mommy and they both came through the delivery like champs!

We had a wonderful time on all of our Texas adventures, but we are glad to be back in our own home. Thanks to everyone for making our trip back to Texas so very memorable!

Family Time in Farmersville

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trenton's First Date

We were invited to the Feagin's home Friday night for dinner with some of Jarrod's buddies from high school. While the guys played with fire outside, the gals played inside with the babies. Curt and Amy's little girl, Rylee, is two months younger than Trenton, and both Amy and I were really excited to get the kiddos together for the first time. Trenton and Rylee weren't sure what to think of each other at first, but once they stripped down to their diapers, they became very good friends. Mommy and Daddy are going to have to keep an eye on Trenton as he gets older, and all you other parents with little girls may want to keep an eye on him too!!!

Yes, Trenton is pulling Rylee's diaper down with one hand and trying to close the two of them in the closet with the other!!!

Rylee loves the camera and doesn't miss many opportunities to strike a pose!!!

Playing in the closet is so much fun!

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Two heads are better than one!

Sweet baby Rylee finally conked out. Trenton was not a happy camper when he realized that Rylee was asleep and their play date was over.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fort Worth Stockyards

Since Trenton enjoyed seeing the moo cows in Hillje so much, we decided to take him to the Fort Worth Stockyards. Plus, Mommy had never seen the stock yards, and it had been a long time since Daddy had been there, so they wanted to go too! We went on a week day which was nice because we didn't have to fight any crowds.

Construction of the stock yards (named Union Stockyards at the time) began in 1887, a year after the railroad made its way through Fort Worth, and went into full operation in 1889. Union Stockyards was bought in 1893 for $133,333.33, and the name was changed to the Fort Worth Stockyards Company. By 1907 the Stockyard grounds included two packing plants, a livestock exchange building that was known at the time as "The Wall Street of the West," and a coliseum in addition to the multitude of livestock pens, feed barns, etc.

In 1917, during the height of the first World War, the Fort Worth Stockyards was the largest horse and mule market in the world. Military officers from Allied countries came to Fort Worth to buy animals to support their war efforts.

During World War II, the Stockyards processed 5,277,496 head of livestock making 1944 the peak year of operations for the entire history of the Stockyards. Sales began to decline after the war due to the rise of the trucking industry on America's newly paved roads. Trucks offered an advantage over the railroad in lower operating costs and greater flexibility. The market moved to the side of the shipper with the creation of local livestock auctions and feedlots. By 1969 sales had dwindled to 1,045,158 head and hit an all-time low in 1986 with 57,181 animals.

The stock yards are now run by the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District.

Trenton and Daddy checking out the horsie.

Mommy's little cowboy

Here comes "The Herd"...the only daily cattle drive in the United States!

He didn't want them to leave!

Our little jailbird!

Trenton really got into character for our day at the Stockyards!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Times in Hillje

We spent the last two weeks in October with my family in Hillje. Trenton had a blast playing with Mimi and Pops and getting to see the rest of the family. Pops was really excited that Trenton was able to experience "farm life." Trenton got to see the cattle being worked and then a few days later got to see them being sold at the auction barn. Uncle Greg was nice enough to take Trenton and Mommy on the combine in the rice field.

Trenton started clapping while we were in Hillje, and is getting braver and braver every day when is comes to walking around the furniture. It won't be long before he decides to let go to do some real walking! Trenton is also starting to gab a lot more. He is saying Dada now (and actually knows what it means) and is also trying to repeat a lot of our words (guess we really need to start watching what we say!) It is so much fun because every day he does something new!

Here is an album of pictures from our time in Hillje. We're now in Farmerville spending time with Jarrod's side of the family. We'll have pictures from our adventures here soon!

Hillje - October 2009

Monkeying Around on Halloween

Trenton was a monkey for his first Halloween. I got brave and decided to make his costume. I was smart and decided to wait until we got to my parents house to start the sewing, so I had a few built in babysitters while I was working. The costume turned out great, and Trenton was the cutest monkey around!!!