Thursday, April 29, 2010

Norfolk Botanical Garden

Our friends and old neighbors, the Federico's, are moving soon. We are sad to see them go, but hope to visit them in Boston. We decided to get together with Amy and the kids today down at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. I know a botanical garden isn't a place that is normally a lot of fun for a group of young kids, but this garden has their own kid's garden. The World of Wonder (WOW) Garden has plants from all over the world, a water play area, a playhouse, and other interactive activities. The boys had a blast playing in the water. The girls (Charlotte & Samantha) watched from the sidelines. We got to the botanical garden a little early so that we could get some family pictures before we met the Federico clan. The entire botanical garden had tons of azalea plants in full bloom. They were beautiful. Trenton and I took some pictures together, but we didn't get any with Charlotte. After a light lunch at the gardens, we went out to the airport overlook. The boys were all excited to get to see a plane take off. Chris and Matthew had fun running up and down the steep hill we were on. Trenton was happy crawling backwards down the hill since it was a little steep for him. We had a great time today with some great friends who will be dearly missed.

Norfolk Botanical Garden

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Personal Tour Guide

We had our own personal tour guide for our trip to the Virginia Living Museum on Sunday....Trenton! He loved leading us around the whole place. The weather wasn't supposed to be very good, but the sun was out and it was warm, so we were able to go outside for part of our tour. What a great day with a wonderful tour guide!

The BIG tank

"This way please!"

Showing us the fish

Checking out the touch tank

Showing Mimi more fish

Looking at the beavers

A family picture was not part of this guide's plan!

Our last stop on the tour was the gift shop where Trenton was very interested in teaching us about magnets.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

15 Month Check-Up

Trenton had his 15 month check-up today. He had to have four shots (ouch!), but he did really good with them. The check-up was pretty straight forward. I was thrown by one of the developmental questions that the nurse asked me. She asked if Trenton says 6 words at a time. Seriously? Are there really 15 month olds out there that can string six words together? Anyway, here are Trenton's stats from today:

Weight - 24 pounds, 9 ounces - 50th percentile
Height - 31 1/4 inches - 54th percentile
Head Circumference - 18 3/4 inches - 63rd percentile (it looks like this may be one spot that Trenton may not take after his Daddy)

It has been a little cool here the past few days, so we haven't been outside a whole lot. Here are some pictures from our time around the house.

Around the House

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One Month Old!

Charlotte turned a month old this weekend. She didn't have a one month check-up, but I did have her weighed to make sure she was still gaining weight appropriately. She is already over 7 pounds!!! She is obviously a great eater! She also does pretty good at night. I feed her before I go to sleep for the night. She wakes up once around 3:00-3:30 and then sleeps until sometime between 7:00 and 8:00. Charlotte is wearing size newborn clothes. I haven't been able to find any shoes that will stay on her tiny little feet, so she just wears socks most of the time. Trenton is still loving on Charlotte all the time, and she doesn't seem to mind. Here is a picture of Charlotte and me from an afternoon in downtown Yorktown.

Spring is Here!

Spring is in the air.....and so is the pollen!

Yes, this is pollen on the table on the screened porch! Yuck! Luckily none of us have had very many allergy symptoms so far.

The weather has started getting warmer, the trees have leaves, and flowers are blooming. We've been spending a lot of time outside in the afternoons playing around. Here is an album of some of our outdoor playtime.

Spring is in the Air

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mommy's Helper

Yesterday while the kids were both down for naps, I decided to make a Cookies 'N Cream Cake for my neighbors to thank them for the meal that they brought us. After the cake cooled, I needed to make icing. Since Trenton was awake, I let him help me. He likes helping in the kitchen just as much as Mommy did when she was little!

Trenton's favorite part of helping was also the same as Mommy's. It won't be long before he's asking me to save him some licks!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bluebird Gap Farm

We decided to get out and enjoy the nice weather today at Bluebird Gap Farm. The farm is a 10-15 minute drive from the house. It is run by the city of Hampton and is FREE! This was our first visit to the farm, so I wasn't sure what to expect. We had a great time and will definitely be going back. It is a wonderful place to go for a quick inexpensive outing.

2010-04-11 Bluebird Gap Farm

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Big Brother

I know that I've said in past blog posts that Trenton loves being a big brother to Charlotte, but I thought I'd post a few pictures to show everyone just how much he loves his little sister.

Trenton loves giving Charlotte kisses.

So sweet!

Showing Charlotte how to use her fishie play mat.

He was so excited that I let Charlotte sit in his lap!

A GREAT big brother!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trenton's Photo Shoot

I took Trenton to Purple Owl Photography ( to have his pictures taken this morning. We tried out all kinds of different poses with him. He did a great job, and I love the way the photos turned out!

Trenton's Photo Shoot

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Trenton went on his first Easter Egg Hunt on Friday morning. A large group of moms and kiddos from MOMS Club got together at a local park for the kids to play and hunt for eggs. Trenton found his first egg and just wanted to play with it. Once I showed him all of the other eggs and how he could put them in his Easter Basket (actually a bag that Mommy made), he got the hang of things pretty fast. I think his favorite part was eating the M&M's out of one of the eggs after the hunt was over! Trenton loved playing on the playground before the hunt. His favorite thing to play on was the merry-go-round. He could have stayed on that thing all day, but Mommy was getting sick just watching him go around!

Sunday morning we woke up early to go to 8am Mass. Trenton is normally just getting up and eating breakfast at 8:00, so he was still tired at church and slept through most of it. This was the first time that we've taken both kids to church. I'm still not quite sure how I'm going to manage both kids in church once my mom goes back home! The Easter Bunny came while we were at church. Trenton and Charlotte both had a bunch of neat stuff in their Easter bags from the Easter Bunny and other family members that sent Easter gifts. After going through all the loot in the bags, we changed clothes and went outside to hunt more eggs. Trenton knew exactly what to do this time, and even wanted to carry his own bag part of the time.

After we ate a quick lunch, we headed up to Richmond to spend the afternoon with cousins. It was a BEAUTIFUL day! Trenton had fun playing outside with his cousin Aiden and all of his cool toys. While the boys were playing out back, the Easter Bunny came and left more eggs! By this time Trenton knew that the good stuff was inside the eggs, and wanted to open his eggs to eat the candy! Let's just say that after all of the Easter goodies Trenton ate, he didn't sleep too well!

Easter 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Trenton's First Haircut

Trenton got his first haircut today! Since he is getting pictures done next week, I figured it was about time to get it cut. There aren't any children's salons nearby, so I took Trenton to the salon where I get my hair cut. He sat on a booster seat like a big boy and did great! He loved watching what Brenna (the stylist) was doing in the mirror. He was such a good boy that he got a sucker when he was finished. Trenton looks so handsome with his new haircut!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Charlotte's Newborn Photos

I took Charlotte to have newborn photos done yesterday. We used Purple Owl Photography in Poquoson (only about 10 minutes from the house). Charlotte is so used to being bundled up that she had trouble sleeping without a blanket and her clothes. Even though Charlotte didn't sleep long, Julie got some great pictures! I'm really happy with the way they turned out and can't wait to take Trenton to her studio next week!

Charlotte Newborn Photos

Little Miss Piggy is Two Weeks Old

Charlotte had her two week birthday yesterday. I took her to her two week check-up today. Doctors generally want babies to be back to their birth weight by their two week check-up. Charlotte has decided to be an overachiever and weighed in at 5 pounds, 12.6 ounces! She has gained about an ounce a day since her last doctor appointment. The doctor was very pleased! Dr. Altman told me that since she was a premie that I should expect her to be in the single digits for percentiles until she's at least 6 months old. Today Charlotte was in almost the 2nd percentile for weight, the 4th percentile for length at 18 3/4 inches long, and the .10 percentile for head circumference. No wonder I can't find any headbands to fit this girl!!!

Jarrod left to go back to Afghanistan on Tuesday. He is in Afghanistan, but hasn't quite made it back to his base yet. I think he is getting pretty tired of air travel! We are counting down the days until he gets to come home again! He should be home in about 3 months.

Trenton is still doing great with Charlotte. He loves kissing her hands and showing us where her nose is. The other day we had her on a blanket on the floor. When she was done on the blanket, I picked her up and went and sat on the couch. Bailey immediately laid down on the blanket and claimed it for himself. Trenton wasn't too happy about Bailey laying on his sister's blanket, and tried to pull it out from under the dog!

Here is another web album of pictures from the past week.

Week #2