Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flying the Friendly Skies

We are back in Texas for a few weeks! Flying back with two kids was quite an adventure!

Mom and I woke up at 2am yesterday morning (after going to sleep around 11:30) to get all of our last minute things packed and to load the car. I got Charlotte up around 2:45 to get her fed before we left. We waited until we had everything loaded before we got Trenton up. We took him out of his bed and put him straight in the car thinking that he would fall right back to sleep. Wrong! We got to the airport in Norfolk at 3:40, and he was still wide awake!

We got checked in, and then it was off to go through security. I told Mom to go through first and I would get both kids since I will be flying back to Virginia with them on my own. The security people at Norfolk were extremely nice and helpful. They let me keep Charlotte in her pack and they loaded my stuff onto the conveyor belt for me. We made it to our gate around 4:30 and Trenton was still awake. Charlotte was sleeping soundly in her pack but woke up about 10 minutes before we started boarding. Mom took her while I got everything ready to board.

Trenton was a big boy and got his own seat on the plane! He was so excited! I was planning on taking Charlotte back from Mom and feeding her as we were taking off to help her ears, but she was already back asleep by then. Trenton on the other hand was still wide awake when we took off at 5:45. He ate cheerios on the way up and had no problems with his ears.

Charlotte woke up a hungry girl about 30 minutes into the flight. I fed her and then grabbed a diaper, wipes, and a changing pad and headed back to the restroom to change her diaper. It wasn't until I got her undressed and her dirty diaper off that I realized I had accidentally pulled one of Trenton's old size 3 diapers out of the bag! I couldn't carry her through the plane bare bottomed, so I just put the diaper on her. It came halfway up her chest! Since it's very awkward to change a baby on a plane, I decided to chance it and leave Charlotte in the huge diaper.

Charlotte fell asleep soon after we got back to our seat, and Trenton wasn't too far behind. Charlotte managed to stay asleep for the rest of the flight. Her brother only slept for about 45 minutes though. I think he just knew that if he woke up he could have more Cheerios while the plane descended.

Dad met us at baggage claim. Boy was he excited to see Mom again! He had already gotten all of our bags by the time we got down there, so we were ready to go. We made a potty stop (where I was stunned that Charlotte hadn't leaked ANY!), and then headed to the car and down to Hillje with a full load of tired passengers.

The kids were wonderful on the flight. I just hope that they are that good on our return flight when it's just the three of us!

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