Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Daddy's Home

Daddy's home, but boy did getting him back here involve some headaches! Here is a rundown of our day last Wednesday.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1am - Jarrod emails letting me know that he is in Germany. His flight has been changed. He was supposed to be arriving at Newport News/Williamsburg airport at 6:53pm, but is now scheduled to arrive in Norfolk at 11:45pm. Jarrod tells me that he is going to try to change his flight back to the NN/Williamsburg flight once he makes it into Baltimore.

10:45am - The kids and I arrive at the Poquoson Library for a pirate puppet show. Charlotte sleeps through about half of it, and Trenton dances the whole time!

1pm - We're back home. The kids eaten lunch and are both down for naps. I'm still trying to straighten up the house.

1:15pm - Lauren, my babysitter/neighbor comes over so I can run errands. I go to the party store to get some balloons and decorations for the house, pick up my laptop at Best Buy after being without it for 3 weeks (it is now gone for another 3 weeks, but that's a whole other story), and then go do my grocery shopping. Jarrod calls while I'm in the grocery store. He is in Baltimore. He has been able to get his flight changed back to arriving in Newport News at 6:53. The first leg of his flight (a flight into Philly) has been delayed, but he should still make it into Newport News on time as long as he can catch his connecting flight.

3:30pm - Back home. The kids are both still sleeping. I have Lauren stick around so that I can get some things done. I put away all of the groceries and then go outside to decorate the house. By the time I come back in, the kids are awake. I take Trenton upstairs for a bath. Once I'm finished with him, I give Charlotte a bath. Then it's time for me to get ready.

4:45pm - Lauren goes back home. I check Jarrod's flight status, and it says that the flight from Baltimore to Philly still hasn't left. The flight from Philly to Newport News should be leaving fairly soon, so I assume that Jarrod isn't going to make it.

5:05pm - I have the nagging feeling that Jarrod would have called if his flight plan had changed, so I decide to call the airline to have them look up Jarrod's itinerary. They tell me that the flight that Jarrod was supposed to be on from Baltimore to Philly still hasn't left, but Jarrod was able to catch a different flight to Philly. He was already there and was ready to board his flight back here.

5:15pm - Off the phone with the airline. Trenton goes into his highchair for dinner, and I sit down to feed Charlotte. I've got too many butterflies in my stomach to eat dinner. I'm about 10 minutes into Charlotte's feeding when I hear a "plop." Trenton had obviously eaten all that he wanted, and now mashed avocado and yogurt was all over the floor. My canine vacuum cleaned up.

6:00pm - The kids are fed, dressed in their homecoming clothes, and we're out the door headed to the airport.

6:10pm - Jarrod calls. What? He should be in flight! The flight into Newport News has been cancelled. He says that now he's going to be flying into Norfolk but doesn't have a flight yet. I call my photographer to cancel (she was going to take reunion pictures at the airport), pull a "U" and head back to the house.

7:00pm - Jarrod calls to tell me that he will be flying into Norfolk at 8:30.

7:30pm - Back on the road headed down to Norfolk.

7:33pm - Jarrod calls to tell me that there's been a problem with his ticket. They have taken him off the plane, but the pilot is going to wait on him. The flight will probably arrive a few minutes late. We're already on the road, so we keep on driving.

8:05pm - We have just exited for the airport, and the phone rings. Guess who!!! It's Jarrod again! The problem with his ticket was taking too long, and the plane couldn't wait any longer. There was another flight into Norfolk that was supposed to be arriving at 9:30, and he was going to try to get on it. He wasn't sure if he'd make it, so I decided not to go pay for parking at the airport until I heard more from Jarrod. I pull into the Pizza Hut parking lot to wait for Jarrod to call back with more info. One problem - Charlotte doesn't like sitting in the car seat if the car isn't moving. So, I start driving aimlessly around Norfolk trying to calm her down.

8:30pm - Charlotte is calm, and I am hungry so I pull into Sonic. I barely finish ordering when she gets mad again. Thankfully service is fast, and I'm back driving around town in no time.

8:45pm - Jarrod calls. He is going to be flying into Norfolk but not until 11:45. There is no way I'm driving around town until then with two tired kids, so I head back home.

9:30pm - We're back home again. I change Trenton into his pajamas and put him to bed. Charlotte's turn next. She gets fed, and then it's up to bed for her.

10:45pm - Lauren comes back over to stay at the house while I go pick Jarrod up. Man, this girl is going to get rich off of me!

10:55pm - On the road headed back down to Norfolk.

11:30pm - Arrive at the airport. I notice on the board that Jarrod's flight has been delayed and will now be arriving at 12:15am. Go figure!

11:45pm - Jarrod calls from on board the plane - still on the ground in Philly! There has been a fueling problem, and 5,000 pounds of fuel needed to be let off. It would be at least 1:00am before his flight arrived. Good thing I brought a magazine!

1:05am - Jarrod FINALLY lands in Norfolk!!!

1:10am - We're reunited!

1:20am - Headed back home - NOT! Jarrod is now talking to the baggage people trying to find out where his bags are. They decided to stay in Philly and will catch up with us later.

1:25am - Now, we're headed home.

2:00am - Home - FINALLY!!!

Since we obviously didn't get any reunion pictures at the airport, we went to the Purple Owl studio later in the morning. Julie got some great shots! Thanks, Julie!

Homecoming Pictures


Nancy said... forgot to mention the umpteen gazillion times you called your mom that day...haha!

Welcome home Jarrod! We can't wait to see all of you in two weeks!


Gabby said...


your story made me laugh! i know it probably wasn't funny at the time, but at least you have this ordeal to look back on and laugh yourself :)

welcome home jarrod! enjoy your family time together, you all deserve it!!!

Jenny said...

Thanks you gals! Jenny did a great job on telling the story of that day...and it was LONG!!! She was in good spirits that late night though and I was grateful to see her there! Jarrod