Sunday, August 22, 2010

Charlotte Starts on Solids

Because of Charlotte's reflux problems and her allergy to cow's milk, her pediatrician told us to hold off starting solids until we got both of those problems under control. Charlotte's been doing pretty good for a few weeks now, but we decided to wait to start solids until we got back home from our trip to Texas.

We tried rice cereal on Friday. Charlotte didn't want to open her mouth at first. She then took a couple bites and liked what she tasted. She wasn't too hungry though, because she didn't want more than a few bites. After a few days though, she's at the point where I can't shovel the cereal in fast enough! We'll let her get used the cereal and the newness of eating off a spoon before we start with messy orange veggies next week!

Don't let the smile fool you. The bib says it all!

"What? You want me to open my mouth? Why?"

"Okay. That's why. This stuff is pretty good!"

She could have just said, "No more, please!"

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, Jenny. Charlotte is starting to favor her dad and brother!! I had thought in the past she favored Bradley but not anymore!! Precious babies and so, thanks for sharing. Also, thank you, Jarrod for serving so we can enjoy all our freedoms and thank you, Jenny, for supporting him!
Nelda and Bill