Saturday, August 21, 2010

Charlotte's Baptism

We had Charlotte baptized last Saturday after the 6pm mass at St. Andrew Catholic Church in Hillje. We were so happy that Father Clem was able to fit us in before he left for his yearly trip back to Ghana to visit family.

Charlotte looked so pretty in her baptismal gown. She wore the same gown that Bradley, Trenton, and I all wore. Nanny made it. Since Charlotte's older than we all were when we were baptized, the gown was a little small on her. Her fat arms barely fit through the arm holes, and we had to leave one snap undone on the back of the gown so that the neckline wouldn't choke her. She also wore the crocheted booties that my mom, her sister, and her three brothers wore for their baptisms. They didn't stay on her feet long since they were too small too. The gown had a matching bonnet, but even though Charlotte has a really small head for her age, she still didn't fit into it.

Charlotte was a wonderful, smiley, happy baby all day....except for at the baptism. She cried the whole time. Jarrod held her. I held her. We gave her the pacifier. Nothing helped. Father always tells Nanny what a great baby Trenton was at his baptism. I wonder what he'll say about Charlotte???

After the baptism, we all went over to Nanny and WaWa's house for a wonderful dinner that Aunt Carol made.

Thanks to everyone that made the trip out to the baptism. It was great seeing all of you!

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