Friday, August 27, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL here the past few days. Bye, bye to temperatures in the 90s and 100s, and hello to the 80s! We decided to take full advantage of the wonderful weather this weekend because it will be back up into the mid-90s this week.

Friday morning, the kids and I walked down to the neighborhood playground. Trenton had a blast on the swing, but Mommy wasn't too fond of the un-toddler friendly seat. There were a few times Trenton wanted to look at his feet and almost did a flip over the chain! Charlotte hung out in the stroller taking everything in, wishing she were a little older so that she could play too.

We had planned on meeting some friends at Bluebird Gap Farm on Saturday morning, but since Friday night turned into "Slumber Party in Mommy's Bed Night," we wound up staying around the house all day to rest.

We rescheduled the farm date for today and had a great time with Kim, Jarrison, and Kendall. Kendall loved giving Trenton hugs and holding his hand. The kids burned off a lot of energy running around on the playground. Then we walked over to the barn where some of the animals were being fed. The kids took a break over by the deer area, and then it was back to the playground! This playground had swings that were much more toddler friendly. Too bad Mommy didn't realize that her camera was out of focus!

Hopefully next weekend will be nice too so that we can have a fun Labor Day outdoors! ...Oh, and Earl....STAY AWAY!!!

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