Sunday, August 22, 2010

More About our Trip

Since I've already posted about the Farmersville portion of our trip back to Texas plus a few other odds and ends, I thought I'd post about everything else.

We flew out to Houston on Tuesday, August 3rd. Our flight was REALLY early. The taxi was at our house to pick us up at 3:15AM! We flew U.S. Airways out of Newport News. This was my first time using this airline, and they were great. They offer all active duty military up to three bags free! Other airlines give military traveling on official orders three bags free, but this was the first I'd heard of an airline extending this to non-official travel. We had a layover in Charlotte, North Carolina. What a wonderful place to have a layover! This was one of the nicest airports I've been in. The kids were pretty good on both flights considering that they were up so early. Since they were both flying as lap children, Jarrod and Trenton sat together, and Charlotte and I sat in the row behind them on both flights. Mimi and Pops picked us up at the airport in Houston and were very excited to see us!

While back in Texas, my cousin Leslie got married. We traveled up to Magnolia for the wedding. Thankfully it was a short ceremony because Trenton was NOT a happy boy. I guess that Happy Meal I gave him before the ceremony didn't live up to its name! The bad part was that the wedding coordinator told me to take Trenton into the room where the girls got ready. Well, I don't think she knew how loud this little boy can get! I figured that they could hear him out in the congregation, but I knew if I opened the door to walk him outside, it would be even louder. I'm hoping that he wasn't loud enough to make it on to Leslie and Gary's wedding DVD, and that if he was, it can be edited out! We had a great time catching up with family at the reception. Trenton even found himself a girlfriend (a bridesmaid who is my age). Too bad she's just a tad too old for him!

We were excited that the church picnic was scheduled for while we were back in Hillje. I helped Mom out at the country store, and Jarrod took Dad's place working at the auction since Dad was in the field. Jarrod donated an American flag that he had flown on the base in Afghanistan to the auction. We were all really excited when it brought $1,000! Trenton won a plumeria tree for Mimi at the plant wheel. He also got to meet Rainbow the Clown and go fishing in the "fish pond." Maybe Aunt Courtney will take him fishing for real with the new rod and reel she won in the raffle!

The kids had fun living the "country life." Pops brought the four-wheeler to the house one day. Trenton was scared when Pops first turned the four-wheeler on, but once Mommy and Charlotte went for a ride, Trenton figured he could man up and go for a ride too! Pops was also really excited that Charlotte and Trenton came out to the rice field while they were harvesting. Daddy and Trenton rode on the combine with Uncle Greg. Trenton LOVES tractors and combines, so he was very excited!

We flew back to Virginia this Thursday. We thought that Charlotte had missed out on the fun of the stomach bug, but the bug just decided to make a delayed appearance. We had to stop on the side of the road on the way to the airport to change Charlotte's diaper and clothes. I don't think I need to elaborate any more on that. Jarrod decided to take Charlotte on the flight, and I took Trenton in the seat behind them. Charlotte was an extremely happy, smiling baby....and then she projectile vomited! She went right back to being happy and smiley.....and smelly (we had already used her spare set of clothes when we changed the diaper in the car). Never a dull moment with the Smith Family!

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