Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Snack Time Lessons

My favorite grade in school was 1st grade. One of the things that I loved were our spelling tests. Yes, you read that right - I loved spelling tests! We regularly took our tests with foam desk cleaner. Our teacher would spread the cleaner on each one of our desks and then come around and ask us to spell words in the foam. One time, the mother of the other first grade teacher in our school made chocolate pudding for all of the first graders. We each got a big glob of chocolate pudding on our desks (which we cleaned first) and spelled out our words in the pudding. I decided to try the same idea with Trenton just using letters. We drew out each of the letters in chocolate pudding. After we got through the whole alphabet, he got "free draw" time. He loved his snack time lesson!

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