Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trip to Farmersville

We drove up to Farmersville to visit Jarrod's side of the family last week. It was great getting to see them.

Our niece Brynn celebrated her fourth birthday with a hula themed pool party our second day in town. Charlotte was awake for the meal, birthday cake, and opening presents, but fell asleep when it was time to head down to the pool. Luckily Pa-Paw was happy to volunteer to stay in the air-conditioning with her while she slept. Trenton loved the pool, but once again wanted to be Mr. Independent. I think swimming lessons are going to be in the near future for this little boy.

We visited the Heard Museum with JJ (Jarrod's mom). It is a really neat museum with a lot of hiking trails. We didn't know that the place had hiking trails, so we didn't have sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and we were all wearing flip flops. We went outside to walk through the animals of the world exhibit and the butterfly garden. Since we weren't prepared for hiking, we didn't even try the 2 mile+ trails. The inside of the museum was nice too. They had an exhibit with robotic ice age mammals that was really neat.

In addition to meeting up with family, we also got to meet up with friends. Curt, Amy, and Rylee once again opened up their home for a reunion for all of the high school buddies. It was great getting to see everyone again and to meet Anna (who was VERY pregnant the last time we were in town and didn't make it to last reunion) and Baby Alli.

Our trip to Farmerville wasn't without it's bumps though. After a family dinner Tuesday night, Trenton got sick in the middle of the night. It was the first time he'd ever thrown up, and the poor little guy was just shaking he was so scared. Jarrod got a little stomach bug too, but not as bad as Trenton. Luckily, Charlotte and I didn't catch the bug and we were able to make our drive back down to Hillje on Thursday.

We had a great time in Farmersville and can't wait to get back to see everyone again!

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