Monday, September 6, 2010

And We're Off to the Races!

The crab races that is! Yesterday after doing a little shopping at the outlets up in Williamsburg, we headed over to Berret's in Merchant's Square at Colonial Williamsburg for the 20th Annual Crab Races to benefit the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

We sponsored a crab in the family category and named him Crab Ochocinco. While waiting for the races to start, we had a nice dinner at Berret's Taphouse Grill. Charlotte gobbled down her rice cereal, Trenton had chicken tenders, I had a salad with grilled scallops and shrimp, and Jarrod had the crab trio - crab cakes, crab salad, and soft shell crab. I guess these were the orphan crabs that didn't get sponsored for the race!

The races started, and although he got off to a slow start, Ochocinco came in second in his division. They also had a contest for cutest crab and the best name. Emeril Clawgasse beat us out for Best Name. Crabby won the Cutest Crab. Even though we didn't win, this sure was a fun event!

Charlotte & Daddy getting ready for the races!

The crabs getting ready for the races!

Our division - Crab Ochocinco is in lane eight. He was a slow starter!

Isn't he a cute little fella?

Mommy and Charlotte are having fun watching the races.

Mommy missed the memo that this was supposed to be a "silly face" picture!

I was surprised that Trenton didn't try to feed the crabs that chicken tender that he has in his hand!

Trenton and Daddy are playing cornhole during intermission.

This is a video of the championship heat in the individual division. The crab that won was 81 and Glad to be Here - the crab of a lady celebrating her 81st birthday.

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