Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The BIG Ship

The kids and I got our first tour of the carrier a few days ago.  Jarrod had duty, and the ship was going to be pulling out the next day, so we decided to meet him for dinner in the wardroom.  Jarrod got off watch just as dinner was ending, so we got the whole wardroom to ourselves to enjoy our dinner.  This is one of three wardrooms.  What a change from the submarine!

After we finished dinner, we headed upstairs to check out the hangar bay.  The air wing hadn't moved in yet, so there was just one jet on board.  It was a practice jet for the mechanics to work on and didn't have engines.  Trenton was still plenty excited about it though!  There were also some helicopters that had just come on board that morning.  The hangar bay is HUGE - the size of three football fields!

Trenton loved playing on the ship's seal in the next room on our visit.  Jarrod and I were just glad that he didn't try to play with the steering wheel!  Even though it's a replica, we wouldn't want our kid messing it up!

There is a mini George H. W. Bush museum on the ship.  It has info on his time in the Navy, his presidency, and the ship itself. 

Jarrod had to muster while we were on board, so the kids and I hung out in Jarrod's stateroom.  There are four bunks, four desks, lockers for all four guys, a sink, and a flat screen TV.  I got to keep up with the latest sports happenings while I changed the kids into their pajamas!

The kids were more than ready to have a slumber party on the ship, but we had to say TTFN to Daddy and head home.  We're so glad we got to visit Jarrod before the ship pulled out, and can't wait for him to be home again!

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Holly said...

That is so neat! I know Jarrod enjoyed it too. I bet Trenton had a great time! I bet that ship is ginormous!