Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On Your Mark, Get Set,


Daddy and Trenton had a guys night at the Arena Races at Hampton Coliseum this weekend.  Trenton loves the movie, Cars, so this was sure to be right up his alley. 

Before the racing got started, Trenton got an up close and personal look at the race cars and the track.  The race cars are TINY.

Jarrod and Trenton didn't stay too long once the racing got started.  Trenton refused to wear his ear protection, and it was too loud for him to be there without it.

Maybe we'll try again in a few months!

Turkey Day 2010

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone!  We had a pretty good Thanksgiving this year.  It would have been great if Charlotte would not have gotten sick, but I guess nothing can be perfect.

Jarrod and I had a friend come down from D.C. to spend the holiday with us.  Jarrod and Keri studied Geology together at A&M, and it was a lot of fun having another Aggie in the house for the big game Thanksgiving night!

Instead of cooking, we decided to go down to the ship to take advantage of the HUGE spread of food they had.  The food was yummy, and we all ate too much, but we managed to work it off.  After lunch we toured the ship and went up and down 10 flights of stairs!  These aren't regular stairs either - they are the steep ladder type stairs.  I think Keri got the best workout since Trenton thought she was his girlfriend and only wanted her to carry him.  Being up on the flight deck was really neat as was touring the control tower. 

Silly me remembered to pack my camera but forgot my SD card at home!  Lot of good that big bulky camera did me without an SD card.  :( 

I did manage to snap this picture with my phone as we were finishing up our lunch.  It's not just adults that need naps after Thanksgiving dinner!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Army Transportation Museum

We have lived here over two years, and today was our first visit to the Army Transportation Museum at Ft. Eustis.  What took us so long???  The place was AWESOME!  Another family that we are friends with met us at the museum.  Trenton and his friend Reid had a great time exploring.  Since we were pretty much the only people in the museum, the boys had the run of the place. 

I see quite a few return trips to this museum in our future!

Friday, November 19, 2010

My New Business Venture

Who knew that having a little girl would make me want to start my own business?!?!?  It is so much fun making cute things for Charlotte, and now I've decided to start selling some of the items that I make.  Jenny's Little Bowtique opened for business on Monday.  I have an Etsy store - http://www.etsy.com/shop/JennysLittleBowtique - and you can also find us on Facebook.  I just got finished getting a blog set up for the business too.  Go on over to Jenny's Little Bowtique blog to check it out for yourself!

An Eight Month Old Girl

Yep, that's right - Charlotte is eight months old!  Time is really flying!  She is getting more of a personality every day, and it's so much fun to watch.  Here is what has been going on the past month.

- Charlotte has started feeding herself Gerber puffs.  She is finally starting to get more in her mouth than in her lap!
- Charlotte has to gum her puffs because she still doesn't have any teeth!
- A not-so-fun first:  First ear infection (11-11-10)
- Scooting and crawling don't seem to be high up on Charlotte's list of priorities.  I guess she figures that she can get along just fine rolling all the way across the room.
- Charlotte has always loved being held in a standing position, and now she can pull up to standing all by herself. (11-14-10)

Hard to believe that this little girl will be a year old in less than four months!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Bailey

Bailey, our oldest "kid", is four years old.  I got Bailey in Guam in January of 2007.  Jarrod was out to sea and didn't meet Bailey for a couple of months.  We had been discussing getting a puppy for a while, and when I heard about a lady with Lhasa Apso puppies for sale, I jumped on the opportunity.  Here are a couple of pictures of Bailey over the past four years. 

The day after I got Bailey

 Family photo in our yard in Guam

Mommy's Snuggle Buddy

 Christmas photo 2008

 Welcome Baby Trenton

 Best Friends

Charlotte's Protector

We decided to treat Bailey today.  Trenton helped me make a Bow Wow Beef & Bacon Birthday Cake for Bailey this morning after church.  The beef part of the cake was a jar of beef baby food, and the bacon part was bacon bits.

 Teaching Trenton to crack an egg

 Trenton decided to crack the last egg on his own.

This is what that looked like!

After lunch and naptime, we were ready for birthday cake!  I don't know if doggie cakes are supposed to rise, but this one didn't.  Bailey didn't seem to mind.  Trenton didn't either.  The pictures will tell you what Jarrod and I thought of the cake.

Happy Birthday again to our favorite little doggie!  We love you!  I think we'll go with steak and carrot cake for next year's festivities though!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Here Comes Santa Claus

We haven't even made it to Thanksgiving, but Santa Claus has already come to town!  The jolly old fellow and his wife made their arrival in Williamsburg at Yankee Candle this morning, and the Smith clan was there to say hello!

Everyone anxiously waited outside donning reindeer visors, eating cookies, sipping hot chocolate, and singing Christmas carols while we all waited to see the Claus family. 

The Claus's left the reindeer at home today and came in a horse drawn carriage instead.  Trenton was more excited about their escort than the carriage carrying the the Mr. and Mrs.

Once we got inside the store, the line for pictures with Santa snaked all the way out the door.  We decided that we would go back for pictures with Santa another (less busy) day and instead decided to dip a Christmas ornament.  Trenton picked out a car - go figure.  We were going to dip it red to look like Lightening McQueen, but the red wax was too far for Trenton to reach.  Trenton ended up with a blue Doc Hudson car instead that he has carried around all day. 

Trenton could have stayed in Yankee Candle's Christmas Village all day.  They have a train track suspended from the ceiling, and a motorized train goes all around the room.  Trenton was running laps around the village trying to keep up with the train!  Jarrod and I were both worn out from chasing after him!  After what felt like a mile of chasing the train, it was time to go.  Bye bye, Santa!  See you soon!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Line 'em Up!

Trenton has a new found obsession with lining things up.  And boy is he particular about it!  He has to line everything up just perfect.  Now if we could just channel this tidiness into cleanup time!