Friday, November 19, 2010

An Eight Month Old Girl

Yep, that's right - Charlotte is eight months old!  Time is really flying!  She is getting more of a personality every day, and it's so much fun to watch.  Here is what has been going on the past month.

- Charlotte has started feeding herself Gerber puffs.  She is finally starting to get more in her mouth than in her lap!
- Charlotte has to gum her puffs because she still doesn't have any teeth!
- A not-so-fun first:  First ear infection (11-11-10)
- Scooting and crawling don't seem to be high up on Charlotte's list of priorities.  I guess she figures that she can get along just fine rolling all the way across the room.
- Charlotte has always loved being held in a standing position, and now she can pull up to standing all by herself. (11-14-10)

Hard to believe that this little girl will be a year old in less than four months!

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