Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Bailey

Bailey, our oldest "kid", is four years old.  I got Bailey in Guam in January of 2007.  Jarrod was out to sea and didn't meet Bailey for a couple of months.  We had been discussing getting a puppy for a while, and when I heard about a lady with Lhasa Apso puppies for sale, I jumped on the opportunity.  Here are a couple of pictures of Bailey over the past four years. 

The day after I got Bailey

 Family photo in our yard in Guam

Mommy's Snuggle Buddy

 Christmas photo 2008

 Welcome Baby Trenton

 Best Friends

Charlotte's Protector

We decided to treat Bailey today.  Trenton helped me make a Bow Wow Beef & Bacon Birthday Cake for Bailey this morning after church.  The beef part of the cake was a jar of beef baby food, and the bacon part was bacon bits.

 Teaching Trenton to crack an egg

 Trenton decided to crack the last egg on his own.

This is what that looked like!

After lunch and naptime, we were ready for birthday cake!  I don't know if doggie cakes are supposed to rise, but this one didn't.  Bailey didn't seem to mind.  Trenton didn't either.  The pictures will tell you what Jarrod and I thought of the cake.

Happy Birthday again to our favorite little doggie!  We love you!  I think we'll go with steak and carrot cake for next year's festivities though!

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