Saturday, November 13, 2010

Here Comes Santa Claus

We haven't even made it to Thanksgiving, but Santa Claus has already come to town!  The jolly old fellow and his wife made their arrival in Williamsburg at Yankee Candle this morning, and the Smith clan was there to say hello!

Everyone anxiously waited outside donning reindeer visors, eating cookies, sipping hot chocolate, and singing Christmas carols while we all waited to see the Claus family. 

The Claus's left the reindeer at home today and came in a horse drawn carriage instead.  Trenton was more excited about their escort than the carriage carrying the the Mr. and Mrs.

Once we got inside the store, the line for pictures with Santa snaked all the way out the door.  We decided that we would go back for pictures with Santa another (less busy) day and instead decided to dip a Christmas ornament.  Trenton picked out a car - go figure.  We were going to dip it red to look like Lightening McQueen, but the red wax was too far for Trenton to reach.  Trenton ended up with a blue Doc Hudson car instead that he has carried around all day. 

Trenton could have stayed in Yankee Candle's Christmas Village all day.  They have a train track suspended from the ceiling, and a motorized train goes all around the room.  Trenton was running laps around the village trying to keep up with the train!  Jarrod and I were both worn out from chasing after him!  After what felt like a mile of chasing the train, it was time to go.  Bye bye, Santa!  See you soon!

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