Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Day 2010

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone!  We had a pretty good Thanksgiving this year.  It would have been great if Charlotte would not have gotten sick, but I guess nothing can be perfect.

Jarrod and I had a friend come down from D.C. to spend the holiday with us.  Jarrod and Keri studied Geology together at A&M, and it was a lot of fun having another Aggie in the house for the big game Thanksgiving night!

Instead of cooking, we decided to go down to the ship to take advantage of the HUGE spread of food they had.  The food was yummy, and we all ate too much, but we managed to work it off.  After lunch we toured the ship and went up and down 10 flights of stairs!  These aren't regular stairs either - they are the steep ladder type stairs.  I think Keri got the best workout since Trenton thought she was his girlfriend and only wanted her to carry him.  Being up on the flight deck was really neat as was touring the control tower. 

Silly me remembered to pack my camera but forgot my SD card at home!  Lot of good that big bulky camera did me without an SD card.  :( 

I did manage to snap this picture with my phone as we were finishing up our lunch.  It's not just adults that need naps after Thanksgiving dinner!

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