Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow Day

It snowed today!  And it stuck!  We got some snow on Monday too, but it was a little warmer then and the little bit that stuck to the grass melted within an hour after the snow stopped falling. 

Today's snow started around 10:30am and immediately started sticking to everything.  By the time it stopped around 2:00, we had about 2 1/2 inches of accumulation.  The kids both woke up a little early from their naps, so I took them outside to play.

Charlotte just sat and looked pretty.  She didn't seem to mind the cold too much.

I made a couple of snowballs, and threw them at Trenton.  I tried to get him to make snowballs, but he was way more interested in eating the snow.  I don't know what made him want to taste it, but it wasn't me!  I think the snow was colder than he expected!

Charlotte was sad that she couldn't play with Mommy and Trenton.  I'm sure she'll be ready to run around with us next year!

It started raining, so we had to go inside.  Trenton wasn't quite ready though.

He could have made a whole meal out of snow!  I think we're going to try out Paula Deen's snow ice cream recipe the next time it snows!

I also snapped a photo of our house lit up for Christmas.  This was our first year decorating outside.  I want to expand next year, but I have my work cut out for me in convincing Jarrod!

* If you love Charlotte's hat as much as I do, check out Simply Basic Designs on Etsy.  She has a ton of cute stuff!

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