Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Wow!  What a storm!  We wound up with 13 1/2 inches of snow.  The base was closed again for all but essential personnel today, and thankfully the main roads had been cleared enough for Jarrod to make it home this morning.  I think my car is going to be staying in the driveway for a while though!

Jarrod got home just as I was getting everyone breakfast.  Charlotte went down for her morning nap soon after eating, and Jarrod, Trenton, and I took advantage of the pretty white snow outside. 

Trenton wasn't too excited about the snow yesterday, but he LOVED it today!  For a place that doesn't get a lot of snow, Trenton sure has seen his fair share of big snowstorms.

I think that Daddy had just as much fun out in the snow as Trenton did this morning!  Bailey was not such a huge fan.  The snow was so deep that he literally jumped around trying to make his way through it!  Trenton thought it was funny and decided to act like a dog and crawl around!

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