Thursday, January 27, 2011

Charlotte’s Medical Mystery– C-Diff Results

We got Charlotte’s C-Diff results in today.  All three tests came back negative!  This is great news!  We still have to stay around the house until Charlotte has finished up all of her antibiotics, but at least the kiddos can bathe together again!  They were VERY excited about this tonight!

Charlotte is still dealing with diarrhea, but hopefully that will start getting better soon…before the diaper rash that the diarrhea is causing get any worse.

Charlotte goes back down to CHKD next Thursday for a VCUG.  She will have contrast dye put into her bladder through a catheter (not looking forward to putting her through that again).  X-Ray photos will be able to see if the dye backs up into her kidneys or if it makes its way out of her the correct way.  If the dye backs up, it is called Vesicoureteral Reflux.  From what we’ve been told, this is treated with antibiotics.

We will also be meeting with a renal doctor sometime in the next few weeks. 

Charlotte is pretty much back to her old self and even has a few new tricks up her sleeve.  She started waving while we were in the hospital, but she hasn’t done that trick since we left.  She always waved with her IV arm, so maybe it was just bothering her.  A new trick that she started yesterday is clapping.  She claps while I change her diaper.  I guess she’s happy that she doesn’t have to stay in a dirty diaper!

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