Saturday, January 22, 2011

Charlotte’s Medical Mystery–Day 1–Tuesday, January 18

I said in my last posting that I had to take Charlotte to urgent care and the ER on Tuesday.  Well, this is how Charlotte’s medical mystery all got started….

Around 11am Tuesday morning, I noticed that Charlotte felt hot.  I took her temperature, and it was up above 102.  She was still on antibiotics for an ear infection, so this was a little alarming to me.  I called her pediatrician’s office and got a call back from the nurse.  She was going to talk to the doctor and give me a call back.  Since it was almost lunch time, I didn’t expect to hear anything back until the afternoon. 

Charlotte was pretty lethargic and didn’t even want to eat lunch (she normally doesn’t skip meals as you can probably tell from her pictures).  I laid Charlotte down in the swing around 1pm while I went to put Trenton upstairs for a nap.  When I came back down and went to pick Charlotte up, she was burning up.  As soon as I picked her up, she threw up everywhere.  I laid her down to take her temperature again, and it was up to 104.2.  She threw up again when I picked her up.  I called the pediatrician’s office back, and Charlotte’s doctor had been called to the hospital.  The nurse told me to take Charlotte to an urgent care clinic.  I woke Trenton up, walked him across the street to our neighbors, and headed to urgent care with Charlotte.

At the urgent care clinic, I was expecting the doctor to look at Charlotte’s ears, tell me they had gotten worse, give her a shot of a stronger antibiotic, and then send us home.  Instead, the doctor looked at her ears and said they looked pretty good.  What?  He then did a flu swab because even people who have been immunized can wind up with the flu virus.  That came back negative, so he ordered a complete blood count.  It came back that Charlotte’s white blood cell count was at 18,000 (4,000-10,000 is normal range), so the doctor sent us to the ER for some more testing.

In addition to a lot of waiting at the ER, Charlotte got a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia and got a urine sample taken to check for a urinary tract infection.  The x-ray was normal, and the dip stick test in the urine didn’t show anything alarming.  The ER doctor sent us back home assuming Charlotte had a virus and told us to follow up with her pediatrician.

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