Sunday, January 23, 2011

Charlotte’s Medical Mystery–Day Six–Sunday, January 23

Charlotte slept pretty good again last night.  The nurse came in at 4am to get some blood to check Charlotte’s electrolytes since she is on IV fluids.  Thankfully, I didn’t have any trouble getting Charlotte back down after the nurse left.

I ordered a tray breakfast for Charlotte this morning, and actually got her to eat a little bit of toast and waffle.  So far today, she’s taking her formula pretty good too.

A nurse came back in a little after breakfast and said that they were going to have to draw blood.  The toe prick blood they got in the early morning clotted and wasn’t a good sample.  The new blood sample went well, and Charlotte’s electrolytes look fine.

Dr. Poff came in this morning, and the urine culture Charlotte had done on Friday didn’t grow anything.  Dr. Poff said that this doesn’t mean that there is no pseudomonas in Charlotte.  A urine sample only gets urine out of the bladder.  So there is was no pseudomonas in the bladder on Friday morning, but it still could be in her kidneys and therefore still needs to be treated. 

Dr. Poff talked to a few more doctors about the oral cipro medication.  She said that the reason it is not approved is because to get a drug approved by the FDA, a large sample group has to use the drug.  Since it is so rare for children under the age of one to get this strain of bacteria and therefore need cipro for the treatment of it, they don’t have enough people for a large enough sample group.  Since Charlotte’s been on IV fluids, the earliest she could be released is tomorrow, so Jarrod and I still have some time to make our decision on whether we want to go with the 10 day IV antibiotics or take Charlotte home and use the ciprofloxacin.  I am hoping to be able to talk to Dr. Altman tomorrow to get her opinion on a course of action.

That’s where we stand so far today.  I will update this post later on if we get any new information. 

PM Update:

I was able to go back home this afternoon to get a shower and spend time with Trenton while Jarrod hung out with Charlotte.

Dr. Poff came by and talked with Jarrod a little more about Cipro.  Jarrod asked if home health was an option if we decided on the IV antibiotics.  Dr. Poff said she would check into it.

Charlotte has had diarrhea since soon after she started on antibiotics for her ear infection a week and a half ago.  Today she had two diarrhea diapers that were very different from her “normal” diarrhea.  They are now worried that Charlotte might have C-Diff, a bacteria that can be a problem when good bacteria have been killed off by prolonged antibiotic use.  The nurses now all come in wearing gowns and gloves when they touch Charlotte.  We haven’t seen a doctor since this came up, so I don’t know if it will change any of the courses of action we’ve talked about.  I guess we’ll find out more in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

We will be saying a prayer for little Charlotte and hope that everything works out for her.

Lisa Jakim