Saturday, January 22, 2011

Charlotte’s Medical Mystery–Day Two–Wednesday, January 19

Charlotte spiked a 105+ fever in the early morning hours on Wednesday.  The pediatrician’s office was able to work Charlotte in pretty early.  Since the ER thought she had a virus, I didn’t want to leave Trenton with any of my friends in case he had it too.  So, he tagged along with Charlotte and me.

Dr. Altman initially thought Charlotte may have had a virus too, but while we were in her office, Charlotte’s urine culture results popped up.  Her culture had grown a bacteria called pseudomonas - a pretty uncommon bacteria for a UTI, and especially rare for children.  Dr. Altman thought Charlotte’s specimen had been contaminated since this result didn’t make much sense.  She decided to do another work up.

A nurse came in to cath Charlotte to collect another urine specimen.  I lost count of how many times she tried, but she couldn’t get it.  She taped a clean catch bag on Charlotte and then moved on to her arm to draw blood for a full blood panel.  Thankfully she got a vein on the first try.  Charlotte hadn’t peed by the time the blood was drawn, so we waited.  Dr. Altman came back in with preliminary blood results showing that Charlotte’s white count was up to 25,000.  Charlotte still hadn’t peed, so the nurse came back in to try to cath her again.  And again, she couldn’t get it.  Dr. Altman came back in to give it a try.  Charlotte had me, two nurses, and Dr. Altman all hovered around her while she was screaming her head off.  Trenton was pretty freaked out by this and he started crying too.  It took Dr. Altman a few tries, but she finally got Charlotte cathed and the urine sample that she needed.  She also ordered an antibiotic shot so that it could start working on whatever what going on with Charlotte and told us to come back in the morning for a follow up. 

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