Saturday, January 22, 2011

Charlotte’s Medical Mystery–Day Three–Thursday, January 20

Charlotte’s temperature was a little over 102 in the early morning hours, but by the time we left the house to go drop Trenton off with a friend and then head to the doctor, it was down to a little over 100. 

Dr. Altman didn’t have any test results from the previous day back yet, but she had a few more tests she wanted to run.  Thankfully they didn’t involve needing a urine specimen!  The nurse had an easy time drawing blood again for the tests.

Preliminary results today showed that Charlotte’s white count was at 19,800 – down from the previous day, but a little higher than Tuesday’s levels.

Charlotte got another antibiotic shot, and then we were free to go pick Trenton up and go home.

Charlotte took a nice nap at home and then was up and around playing, laughing, and having a lot of fun.  Her temperature was virtually non-existent, so I thought the antibiotics had wiped out whatever was wrong with Charlotte.

Soon after I got Trenton down for the night, I received a call from Dr. Altman.  Some of the test results for Charlotte were back.  A couple of the blood tests were concerning Dr. Altman.  The urine culture results weren’t completely finished, but they did show that something was growing.  Even though Charlotte outwardly looked better, something was going on in her body, and Dr. Altman wasn’t quite sure what it was.  She called and consulted with an infectious disease doctor at CHKD (Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters) in Norfolk.  Together they decided that it looked like a probable kidney infection (upper UTI).  Dr. Altman called me back and told me that I needed to take Charlotte to the CHKD emergency room first thing in the morning, and that Charlotte would probably admitted for IV antibiotics if this was a kidney infection.

I got hold of Jarrod (who was out to sea) through the command to let him know what was going on.  After giving him all of the info I had, he called me back to let me know he was going to be able to catch a flight off the ship.

I finally got Charlotte to sleep and got a little sleep myself around 1am.

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