Monday, January 24, 2011

Charlotte’s Medical Mystery–Day Seven–Monday, January 24

Charlotte had a pretty good night again last night, but was woke up at 5am to have blood drawn for some tests.  It took the nurses a while to get it, but she was a trooper.  She went right back to sleep after they were finished.

At 7am a resident came in to take a listen to Charlotte.  She told me that the blood that was drawn at 5:00 clotted and wasn’t any good.  The same this happened yesterday morning.  They would be sending a vascular specialist in to draw her blood a little later.  I also asked the resident to take a look in Charlotte’s mouth because I wanted to know if she might have some yeast growing.  The resident thought that it looked like Charlotte might have a little coating, but she would have Dr. Poff look at it a little later.

The vascular specialist came in around 8:30.  She couldn’t find a good spot on her arms to try to get blood, so she moved to Charlotte’s feet.  She started in her right ankle, and after what seemed like at least 5 minutes of digging around, gave up on that spot.  She moved on to a little vein in the top of Charlotte’s left foot.  She got about 1 1/2 cc’s before the vein collapsed, and she needed at least 3 cc’s.  The vascular specialist moved to Charlotte’s left ankle, and hit the vein pretty easily.  She got some more blood but then hit a bubble.  Thankfully, she had already gotten enough for the tubes.

One of the residents came in the room and asked me to come out in the hall around 10:30.  She said I would be meeting the whole team.  Charlotte and I walked out in the hall, and holy moly, there were at least 15 people!  Dr. Poff was there, as were all of her residents and interns.  One of the residents took the reins and told the rest of the team about Charlotte (just like in Grey’s Anatomy).  We really didn’t discuss much since it was such a large group of people.  Dr. Poff tried to take a quick look in Charlotte’s mouth, but couldn’t get a good look without laying her down.  I told Dr. Poff that Dr. Altman wanted to talk to her, and she said that after she finished making rounds with the team, she would get in touch with Dr. Altman and then come and talk to us.  One other thing that we learned during rounds was that Charlotte’s CRP (C-Reactive Protein) is at 1.5 which is a little high, but is a lot better than 9.2 which is where it was at on Thursday.  There are still more blood results that we are waiting on, but hopefully we’ll get some info on them shortly.

UPDATE (3:40pm):

Charlotte’s CRP is down to 1.1 which is almost normal.  Her SED rate is at 30.  <20 is normal, but she is on the right track.  Her SED rate was 51 on Thursday.

Charlotte had a busy early afternoon.  We were playing, and Charlotte started getting fussy.  I thought she may want a bottle so I made one and put it in her mouth.  She immediately started gagging.  I pulled the bottle out just in time for her to throw up on the both of us.  Jarrod got her out of her gown, and I was holding her while we were waiting for the nurse to bring her a clean one.  My hip started feeling warm, and I figured that Charlotte’s diaper was leaking urine on me.  I pulled her away only to find out that it was a blowout diaper….yuck!  We got that diaper changed, and Charlotte immediately had another dirty diaper (thankfully not as bad as the first one).  She was then perfectly happy!

Charlotte and Daddy enjoyed a nice long nap together this afternoon.



We’ve had the option for a few days now to switch Charlotte over the the oral Cipro and go home.  After talking with Charlotte’s pediatrician, we decided to stay a few more days in the hospital to lessen the number of days that she needed to be on Cipro.  We all decided that the less amount of days she was on the Cipro, the less of a chance she would have any side effects.  We also knew that we didn’t want to stay in the hospital 10 days if we didn’t have to since there’s always the risk of picking something else up in the hospital…especially since we were in a shared room.

All of our plans went out the window when Jarrod got a call around 6:30pm that he was being called back out to the ship and would be flying out first thing in the morning.  We elected to switch over to the Cipro a little earlier than planned and have Charlotte discharged so that I wouldn’t have to worry about setting up extended child care for Trenton.  There was some drama going on with our roommates that the nurses were tending to, so it was after 10:30pm by the time we got discharged, but we were out. 

On our way home, we stopped at the 24-hour Walgreens to have Charlotte’s prescription filled.  They didn’t carry the liquid Cipro though.  The pharmacist called around to all of the other 24-hour pharmacies in town, and none of them had it either.  I would just have to call around in the morning to see if anyone else had it. 

It was almost midnight by the time we got home.  Charlotte was wide awake, and I didn’t really want to stay up all night fighting to get her down in her bed, so I decided to let her sleep with me and Jarrod.  Jarrod was already in bed, so I turned down the covers to lay Charlotte next to him while I got ready.  I saw a jewelry box under the covers, and had a little chuckle.  Trenton had been playing around in my jewelry chest again and had hidden jewelry under the covers.  I picked the box up and was getting ready to put it away when I realized that it didn’t look very familiar.  I opened it up, and inside were a pair of diamond stud earrings!  Jarrod said that they were supposed to be a gift for our 5th anniversary next month, but he thought that I deserved them now!  What a nice surprise to come home to!


howdytrav said...

wow i just ... started following your blog and was sorry to hear about your troubles with Charlotte's issues... I hope all was sorted out...

Jenny said...

Thanks Travis! Charlotte has had a handful more infections (one of those landing her in the hospital again), but she's been healthy the past month and a half. She's on a maintenance antibiotic that she takes every night to hopefully prevent any future infections. We're keeping our fingers crossed that this one works (the last one didn't). Charlotte sees a pediatric kidney specialist regularly, and had a great report at her check up a few weeks ago. As long as she doesn't get any more infections, she won't have to see the kidney doctor again for another 6 months.