Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Charlotte’s Medical Mystery–Day Eight–Tuesday, January 25

After calling around to at least 10 different pharmacies this morning, I finally found one that carried Cipro in the dosage that Charlotte needed!

Charlotte’s pediatrician wanted to see her this afternoon for a follow-up.  Trenton went across the street to stay with some of our neighbors. 

To test for C-Diff, stool samples are taken from three different days.  Dr. Altman took the last sample today.  The first sample from Sunday came back negative, so that is a good sign.  But until we get the results from all three samples, we have to be really careful.  We’re not supposed to get Charlotte out unless absolutely necessary, and we all have to make sure to wash our hands with soap and water (hand sanitizer does not kill C-Diff) often. 

Charlotte will be going back down to the children’s hospital hopefully sometime next week for a VCUG.  She will have dye put into her bladder and then x-rays will be used to see if her urine is backing up into her kidneys.  If she does, then she may have to go on a low dose of antibiotics to prevent recurrent infections.

Charlotte is still not eating as good as she normally does, but hopefully she’ll fall back into a routine soon.

Trenton is very happy about having his sister home.  He followed her all morning saying, “Baby hug!” while giving her huge bear hugs.  Because we have to be very careful about spreading possible C-Diff germs, I have to bathe the kids separately.  Trenton did not like this, and actually tried to pull his sister into the tub tonight!

We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.  We have received many calls, texts, emails, and facebook messages from so many people letting us know that our whole family was in thoughts and prayers.  Our friends here locally have been wonderful too.  We never had to worry about if Trenton would have a place to hang out so that Jarrod and I could spend time together with Charlotte at the hospital.  We had more people volunteer to keep him than we had days in the hospital.  We also had meals and snacks delivered to us at the hospital.  The company and conversation was much more important to us though.  Thank you all for everything you did for us.  We couldn’t have made it through this without your help, warm words, thoughts, and prayers. 


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