Saturday, January 22, 2011

Charlotte’s Medical Mystery–Day Five–Saturday, January 22

We got great news this morning.  Charlotte had been fever free since we got to the hospital, and if she could go all day today without a fever, we could go home tomorrow with follow-on oral antibiotics!

Jarrod and Trenton came by to visit this morning too.  The plan was that I would take Trenton back home and get a few things done (like a shower), and Jarrod would stay with Charlotte for a while.  Charlotte did not like that plan.  And since she pretty much rules the roost right now, I stayed and Jarrod took Trenton back home.  This did not make for a happy little boy.  Every time I called Jarrod today, I could hear Trenton in the background saying, “Mama, help!”  Already breaking Mommy’s heart!

Since I couldn’t go home to take a shower, I called Child Life Services to get someone to take Charlotte upstairs to the playroom while I grabbed a quick shower and then went downstairs to pick some lunch up from the cafeteria.  What a nice service to have available!

As I was coming back to the room from downstairs, Dr. Poff caught up with me and walked me back to the room.  She told me that there is only one oral antibiotic known to treat pseudomonas bacteria – ciprofloxacin.  She told me that this antibiotic has not been approved for use on children under a year old.  Also, cipro has been known to cause, on very rare occasion, tendon problems such as ruptured Achilles tendons.  Our only other option is IV antibiotics in the hospital for 10 days.  Dr. Poff said that she would do more research and see what else she could find out.

Jarrod took Trenton to the neighbor’s this evening so that he could be here for evening rounds.  Dr. Poff didn’t come by tonight though.  Throwing another monkey wrench in this whole thing is that the urine culture from yesterday morning hasn’t grown anything – no pseudomonas.  They give cultures 48 hours to grow something before they call them clean.  The weird thing is that Charlotte didn’t have any of the pseudomonas fighting antibiotic before yesterday’s culture, so they aren’t sure why it’s not growing yet.  Dr. Poff is supposed to be coming by in the morning once the culture has had 48 hours.

Charlotte hasn’t run a fever all day, but she hasn’t been eating.  She’s only taken a little over half of her normal formula intake.  She’s eaten maybe ten bites total all day of baby food, a couple gerber yogurt puffs, and a little bit of bread.  They currently have her hooked up to IV fluids for the night.

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