Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Funnies: Mistaken Identity

Both Jarrod and I wear contacts, and it seems that Trenton may have gotten some vision problems from us.

His first case of mistaken identity happened on Tuesday when we had to go to the pharmacy to pick up Charlotte’s antibiotics.  This was a little family owned place, and they didn’t have a drive thru.  As we were walking out of the pharmacy, a car pulled up and parked in the back of the parking lot, near the house behind the pharmacy.  An older lady with short curly gray hair got out of the car.  “Nanny!  Nanny car!  Nanny!  Inside house!  WaWa house!  Inside!  WaWa house!  Nanny!”  I had to hold on to Trenton’s hand really tight because he was convinced that the lady was his Nanny.  And since she parked near a house, that house just HAD to be WaWa’s house!

The second case of mistaken identity happened on Wednesday.  Trenton has started calling DVDs “books.”  I guess the cases look like books to him.  Anyway, he had just gotten up from his afternoon nap when he went over to the TV stand and started peering through the glass to find a “book.”  He was looking and then got really excited, exclaiming, “Mimi book!”  He was pointing to The Sound of Music.  Although this is Mimi’s favorite movie and could be called “Mimi book” for that reason, that wasn’t the reason Trenton thought it was “Mimi book.”  He truly thought that Julie Andrews was Mimi!  And he sat and watched the whole movie!

DSC_4724-1 julie-andrews-the-sound-of-music

Maybe we should have this kid’s eyes checked!

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