Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our 10 Month Old Princess

Charlotte turned 10 months old on Monday!  And boy does she have a personality!  She has a wonderful smile that other are always commenting about. 

  • We’ve got a second tooth!  Charlotte’s bottom middle right tooth popped out on January 7th.  
  • Trenton was over a year old before he started dancing.  Charlotte’s getting her groove on at 10 months!
  • We’ve heard “Dada” come out of Charlotte’s mouth a few times.  That sure makes Daddy happy!
  • Charlotte likes repeating a lot of sounds.  She repeats “uh-oh” and has even said it on her own a few times when she purposefully throws something down for me to pick up. 
  • Little Missy picked up another double ear infection soon after we got back from Texas.  Even though her ears were just as nasty as they were with her last infection, she seemed to tolerate this infection without as much fussiness. 
  • Charlotte thinks that she is a big girl.  She rarely wants to be fed baby food anymore.  Instead she thinks she can eat anything the rest of her family is eating.  She really likes it when her brother doesn’t want his food since it gives her more to eat!


Charlotte got a special 10-month birthday treat…her very first Krispy Kreme donut!  She LOVED it and ate the whole thing!


Only two months left to plan Miss Charlotte’s 1st birthday party!

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