Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Trenton’s 2nd Birthday Party

Although Trenton doesn’t actually turn two for a couple more weeks, we celebrated with a birthday party on Sunday at Nanny & WaWa’s house with our close family.  Trenton is really big into anything with wheels, so we went with a construction theme for the party.  The cake table turned out SUPER cute! 


Trenton can’t seem to come to Hillje without getting a souvenir. 


I wonder if we’ll ever have a trip back home where Trenton doesn’t have a goose egg on his head in all of the pictures!

Trenton seemed pretty excited when everyone sang to him.  He tried to blow his candle out, but he needed a little help from Mommy and Daddy.



Trenton also had a helper opening gifts.  Weldon had a great time checking out all of Trenton’s toys! 



Charlotte was sleeping while Trenton was opening gifts, but she had fun playing with big brother’s toys after everyone left the party!


Thanks to Aunt Carol, Daddy, Mimi & Pops, Nanny & WaWa, Nana & Paw Paw, and Uncle Randy for helping with the food, set up, clean up, etc.  Thanks to everyone who came out for the party.  All of you made Trenton’s 2nd birthday party a memorable one!

*Trenton’s awesome construction themed birthday shirt came from Stefanie over at Babies, Tots ‘n Dots.  I’ve known Stefanie since I was a baby (her parents are my Godparents and my parents are her Godparents), and I was so excited to have her make this shirt for me!

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