Friday, February 4, 2011

Charlotte’s Medical Mystery–Update

I took Charlotte back down to the children’s hospital yesterday for a VCUG test and a visit with a renal doctor. 

The VCUG seemed less painful (for both Charlotte and me) than I expected.  They were able to cath her on the first try.  All of the urine was pulled out of her bladder, and her bladder was then filled with contrast dye.  Once her bladder was full, they pulled the catheter out, poured some warm water on Charlotte, and then took a bunch of x-ray pictures while she peed.  We were out of radiology in no time and headed upstairs to the kidney center.

The renal doctor went over the VCUG results with us.  Charlotte has grade 1 vesicoureteral reflux (grades are from 1-5).  Charlotte’s urine flows backward part way up the ureter on one side when she urinates.  It doesn’t flow all  the way up to the kidney which is good. Grade 1 reflux is normally treated with antibiotics to prevent further infections, but because Charlotte has been on so many antibiotics the past few months and the infection she had was pseudomonas which is resistant to most medicines, the doctor elected to keep Charlotte of of antibiotics.  The doctor thinks that Charlotte got the pseudomonas because all of the different antibiotics she’s taken for ear infections wore her system down.  So, we hope that Charlotte stays healthy enough so that she doesn’t need any more antibiotics for at least the next few months. 

We go back in 6 months for another renal ultrasound.  The ultrasound they did on Charlotte the day she was admitted to the hospital showed everything looking normal, but the doctor said that Charlotte’s kidneys could have been swollen from the infection, making them look normal size.  The doctor wants to make sure that there is no/minimal scarring on Charlotte’s kidneys from the infection and that her kidneys are actually the correct size for her age. 

Hopefully I won’t need to post another update on this topic until 6 months from now.  Pray, keep your fingers crossed, and think happy thoughts that we stay out of the doctor’s office for a while!


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