Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday Funnies–Backseat Driving

Yes, I realize this is a day late, but better late than never, right?

I’m wondering why I ever decided to teach Trenton about traffic lights.  The kid LOVES backseat driving! 

It would be one thing if he was advocating safe driving, but he rarely alerts me to red lights – just green lights.  Any time we’re at a red light, he watches anxiously waiting for it to turn green.  Every time a light turns green, I hear, “Geen GO!”  Every once in a while I’ll hear, “Red stop,” but he’s not near as excited about stopping. 

I don’t know where Trenton could get it from, but he’s pretty impatient too.  Winking smile  The other day we were stopped at a light in a turn lane waiting to make a left turn.  When the other light for the other two lanes turned green, Trenton immediately noticed.  “Geen GO!”  I explained to Trenton that we were going to turn, and our light was still red.  Plus, if we were to GO, we would crash into the truck in front of us.  I guess he didn’t care about our light because he started in on the truck in front of us.  “Go truck!  Truck GO!  GO TRUCK!”  He was getting increasingly adamant about the truck in front of us needing to go.  The light finally turned green, and we were all on the go.  Trenton started clapping, sure that the truck had heard him.  Let’s just hope that this is not the beginnings of road rage!


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