Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day

We had a great Valentine’s Day here in the Smith home! 

Jarrod wasn’t here to share the day with us, but he made sure that he wasn’t left out of the festivities.  He was able to call me first thing this morning to tell me that he had hidden my Valentine’s Day gift in the closet.  I got a wonderful box of assorted candies and notes from him and the kids. 

My parents sent a Valentine’s Day box for the kids that got here a few days ago.  One of the things in the box was a package of pink pancake mix, so I whipped up the pancakes this morning for breakfast.

Charlotte sat patiently waiting…


Trenton LOVES pancakes (he ate 5 the other night for dinner), so he was really excited about his breakfast!


I was going to take a cute picture of Charlotte with her pretty pink pancake, but she had a different idea.  I guess she was tired of waiting patiently!



After the kids finished eating their pancakes, I let them open all of the cards they had gotten in the mail.  Trenton’s favorite was a Cars card from Nanny & WaWa that sang “Life is a Highway.”  We listened to that song all day!  He even had to show the card to his speech therapist when she came over this morning!


A call from Jarrod and the smiles on these kiddos faces made my day!  What a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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