Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thomas Saves the Day

Trenton came down with a cold over the weekend, but thankfully he was feeling well enough today for Thomas to save the day!

We traveled up to Richmond this morning to see Thomas and Friends Live with Trenton’s cousin, Aiden.  Aiden’s babysitter graciously kept Charlotte for us. 

The show was a huge hit with the boys.  I think Michael, Jeannie, and I had more fun watching the boys than watching the actual show! 


I had a cute video to finish out this post, but it was dark to begin with and when I downloaded it to YouTube, it came out even darker.  If anyone knows how to not make YouTube darken a video, please leave a comment so I can try it out. 

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Jeannie said...

Love the photos of the boys - Aiden was so happy to share this 'first' with his cousin Trenton...he's still talking about it!