Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hampton Roads Naval Museum & Nauticus

We had a friend staying with us last weekend.  Adam spent a year bringing down pirates with the Navy in Djibouti, and was coming through Norfolk for processing.  Instead of staying in Navy quarters, he took us up on the offer of our guest room.  I have a whole stack of brochures on area attractions in the guest room night stand, and we told Adam that he could have his pick of any attraction he wanted to visit.  He chose the Hampton Roads Naval Museum.  Surprise, surprise!  I guess the Navy really gets into the bloodstream! 

The museum is located inside Nauticus, a huge maritime museum on the waterfront in Norfolk.  We had never been to Nauticus, so we weren’t sure what to expect.  Much to our delight, the place was VERY kid friendly and hands on.  The kids had a great time flying planes…







looking at fish and diving with sharks…



and picking up cool items on the ocean floor in a submersible vehicle.


Trenton’s FAVORITE thing was this table.  He loved playing with the boats and ended up pretty wet. 


The Hampton Roads Naval Museum was even pretty hands on for a naval museum.  Trenton liked adding some navy words to his ever-growing vocabulary and touching some cool weapons – especially a torpedo.  However, he DID NOT like the notion of actually being in the Navy.


Little Sister was okay with the idea as long as Mommy was in too!


Thanks, Adam, for giving us the opportunity to visit this really fun area attraction.  We had a great time! 

And yes, Adam managed to not show his face in any of our pictures.

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2peasandablueberry said...

I really love your idea of having brochures in the guest room of area attractions! You are so full of creative ideas!