Monday, March 28, 2011

I’ve Got a Better Idea

I had a really fun art project planned for Trenton today after his nap.  As soon as I told him that he was going to paint, he asked, “Peanut Butter?”.  I guess he really liked the peanut butter finger painting that he did last week!

Today we were using real paint though.  I got out some tempera paints, paper, and straws.  I squirted a few blobs of paint onto Trenton’s paper and showed him how to blow through the straw to make the paint spread out and make a design.  After showing Trenton a few times, I put a couple more paint blobs on his paper and handed the straw over to him.   Trenton blew through the straw a few times, but soon decided that he had a better and easier way of doing things….using the straw as a paintbrush!


Trenton totally went to town with his straw paintbrush.  He kept telling me what colors to squirt out next and had a lot of fun making designs and blending the colors together.  He had so much fun that he didn’t even notice how messy his hands were (which is probably why he didn’t think twice about wiping his nose with said hands).


As you can see by the above picture, Trenton was actually excited about his messy hands.  Why?  Because he learned about mixing colors.  He took one look at his hands, and exclaimed, “BLACK!”  Looks like we may try some color mixing activities soon!

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