Thursday, March 17, 2011

Look Who’s One and Having Fun!

Charlotte turned a year old today!  It’s hard to believe that this was us one year ago.


She had a great day that started out with a photo shoot at Purple Owl Photography.  Charlotte was hamming it up for the camera, so I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out!  My mom and my grandfather flew in yesterday evening and watched Trenton while I took Charlotte to her photo shoot.

After we got home, all of us went to the Virginia Living Museum.  Charlotte fell asleep on the way there (looking cute for the camera must have tired her out!), and she didn’t wake up until we were on the nature trail outside.  Trenton loved being the tour guide showing Mimi and WaWa all of the animals.  He does a great turtle impression!


Charlotte is old enough now to really have fun at the museum.  She loved following Trenton through this hollow log!


We ate lunch at the museum café and then headed home for naptime.  The weather was beautiful today, so once the kids woke up from their naps, we went outside to play.  This was the nicest weather we’ve had this spring, and Charlotte loved exploring in the yard and all of our fun outdoor toys.





Daddy got home and grilled up some yummy steak for dinner.  We had steak for Trenton’s first birthday, and he wouldn’t touch the stuff.  Charlotte was the exact opposite of her brother and couldn’t get enough of the steak!

After dinner Charlotte had fun opening a few of her gifts from family.  Trenton, of course, had to help out!



Charlotte was loving her lipstick that came in her new purse, but I did manage to catch a short clip of her doing a little walking.

Now on to some updates…

* We met with the ENT yesterday, and Charlotte’s ears are looking great!  It seems that the tubes have been a success.
* We were hoping that the surgery would help Charlotte’s sleeping habits, but they seem to have gotten worse.  The ENT said that a few kids do in fact have more trouble sleeping after they get tubes.  Hopefully this will pass soon because I could really use some sleep!
* Charlotte still has only two teeth.  Having only two teeth and hardly any hair makes her look a little more babyish than most one year olds.
* Charlotte loves to babble, but doesn’t really have any real words that she uses other than crying out “Maaaa” when she’s upset and wants me.
* Crawling and cruising are still Charlotte’s fastest modes of movement, but she can walk all the way across the room if she wants to. 

We’re looking forward to celebrating Charlotte’s birthday this weekend with a pink flamingo themed party.  It should be lots of fun!

Charlotte had her 12-month check up on the 29th.  Here are her stats from the day:
Weight: 20 pounds, 7 ounces (36th percentile)
Height: 29.25 inches (50th percentile)
Head Circumference: 17 inches (6th percentile)

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