Monday, March 21, 2011

A Postponed Birthday Party

Charlotte woke up with a 102.4 fever on Friday morning.  Since her urine has to be checked any time her fever is over 102, we made a trip into the doctor’s office.  Thankfully they decided to bag her to get a sample rather than put a catheter in.  The bad news was that the bag leaked.  The nurse was able to get a few drops out of the bag to send to the lab.  The urinalysis that was run in the office showed an iffy specimen, and the doctor decided to start Charlotte on antibiotics for a UTI.  We would have to wait until Monday for full culture results.  By the time we got back home, Charlotte’s temperature was up above 104 degrees.  Charlotte’s party was supposed to be Saturday afternoon, so we decided that we needed to postpone.

Charlotte was still running high fevers (104-105 degrees) Saturday.  I called back to the doctors office, and they told me to bring her back in.  Apparently the lab didn’t think that the few drops that the nurse got out of Friday’s urine bag were enough and cancelled the culture.  Charlotte had to be bagged again.  Saturday’s urine specimen contained a little blood and some white blood cells.  We got the culture results today and nothing had grown.  Because Charlotte had already been given two doses of antibiotics when the second sample was taken, we don’t know if the antibiotics had already killed any bacteria or if there was no UTI to begin with.  Charlotte’s pediatrician consulted with her nephrologist and they decided to have her finish out the 10-day antibiotics just to be on the safe side.

Thankfully Motrin kept Charlotte pretty happy while she had the high fevers.  It would bring her fever down for at least a couple of hours and she would be playful.  She also kept her appetite.  Mimi went to the grocery store and picked up some cupcakes since Charlotte didn’t have her party.  She wasn’t a huge fan of the icing, but she enjoyed the cupcake.  I can’t wait to see her go after a cake when she’s feeling more like herself!



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