Monday, April 11, 2011

Back in the Hospital

Charlotte decided to take a weekend getaway.  Too bad it was to the hospital!

She started running a fever Friday night, and by the middle of the night it was up to 103.9.  By Saturday morning, Charlotte’s temperature was 104.3.  The doctor told me to bring her in, so since it was Jarrod’s duty day, Trenton came along with me.

Charlotte hadn’t hardly wet any diapers since 4am, so instead of bagging her to get a urine sample, the doctor decided to cath her.  The doctor also took some blood to get a blood count and a culture.  The receptionist was nice enough to take Trenton out and play with him while the doctor and nurses were taking samples from Charlotte.  Once Charlotte was finished giving her samples, we were sent home with an antibiotic for what could be a UTI.  The doctor said that she would call after lunch with the blood count results.

I was just getting ready to put the kids down for their afternoon naps when the doctor called.  She told me that Charlotte’s white blood count was 37,000 and that a dip stick put in her urine showed a lot of bacteria.  Because her WBC was so high, the doctor wanted Charlotte to be treated with IV antibiotics in the hospital. 

I immediately emailed Jarrod to see if he could get home to keep Trenton.  It took a while for Jarrod to get permission to leave the ship, and in the meantime, our neighbor’s daughter came over to sit at the house while Trenton napped so that I could get on the road to the hospital.

At the hospital, Charlotte had an IV line put in.  She was NOT happy about it!


Soon after, Charlotte was started on IV fluids and antibiotics.  She was still running a fever over 102 degrees, so the doctors were alternating giving her motrin and tylenol.  Charlotte was pretty worn out, so I was able to get her down in the crib fairly easy. 


Charlotte had more blood drawn Sunday morning, and everyone was happy to hear that her WBC was down to 18,000.  She was in much better spirits most of the day.  She was really happy when her daddy and big brother came to visit!  Charlotte still ran a fever most of the day, but was fever-free by bedtime. 

Our doctor came in first thing this morning, and Charlotte’s urine culture results were back.  The bacteria culprit of this infection is e. Coli, which is fairly common for UTIs.  We were sent home soon after with a antibiotic for Charlotte to take at home for the next week.


Charlotte has a follow up with her pediatrician next week after she finishes her antibiotics.  She will give a urine sample to make sure that the infection is totally gone.  She will then be started on a daily low-dose antibiotic to hopefully prevent any further infections.  We also have another appointment with Charlotte’s kidney doctor in a few weeks to go over our new game plan. 

Hopefully that game plan doesn’t include seeing the hospital any time soon!


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