Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Battle of Big Bethel

I think the stars must have aligned.  The weather today was beautiful, AND I had two healthy kids! 

We decided to take advantage of this anomaly, and spent the afternoon at Endview Plantation for a reenactment of the Battle of Big Bethel.  The Battle of Big Bethel was the first land battle of the Civil War and was won by the Confederacy.


I was planning on both kids watching from the double stroller, but Trenton wanted out as soon as we found a spot to watch from.  I was a little bit nervous (okay maybe more than a little bit) that Trenton would run out onto the field after the horses, but he listened very well and stayed sitting in the grass behind the rope or in the stroller the whole time.  He loved watching the horses.  He also liked yelling, “Cannon, BOOM!  Smoke!”.  He would watch where the smoke was coming from and tell me, “Firing, over there” while pointing to where the shots were coming from.  After a while it got a little harder for him to do this because there was smoke coming from all directions.


And Charlotte?  Well, she spent about half the time in the stroller and then wanted out.  She posed for a while for some people wanting her picture (come on, who wouldn’t want this cutie’s picture?), and then was content the rest of the time trying to eat grass and leaves.


I guess war reenactments aren’t big draws for families with young children because babies and toddlers were few and far between today.  I can tell you that my two had a “blast” though, and I’d recommend this fun history lesson to all families no matter what age your kids are!

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