Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Fun in the Kitchen

With a cold front bringing in cooler weather today, we stayed inside and had a lot of fun in the kitchen.

This morning we dyed eggs.  Charlotte is the only one in the house that will eat hard boiled eggs, but I remember dyeing eggs when I was little (and not eating them), so I didn’t want Trenton missing out on that Easter tradition.

He thought that seeing the food coloring change the color of the water was really neat.


And he really thought that putting two different colors together was cool!


Charlotte did not want to miss out on the action.


Trenton LOVED how the eggs changed colors!  Not that it made him want to eat one!  Oh well, Charlotte ate a lovely red egg with her lunch.




After we finished dyeing all of the eggs, Trenton wanted to make black.  We mixed all of the darker colors together, and he was very excited.  I wish we would have stuck something in the dyed water to see what color it actually came out, but I didn’t think about that until after the fact.


After naptime (and Trenton’s SUPER cranky hour), I pulled out this Wilton’s bunny pop kit that we got from Aunt Carol and Uncle Scotty.


The bunny shaped cookies came ready-made in the package.  All we had to do was use the mix to make white and pink icing, decorate the bunnies, and assemble the pops.

Well, this was my cookie…

In my defense, I could have made it look like the box if I didn’t have a “helper” named Trenton!

This was Jarrod’s cookie…


Trenton liked his cookies plain.


And Charlotte?  She REALLY liked eating her pink bowl of icing!





She didn’t care too much about her cookies.  Bailey ended up eating one, and she shared the other cookie, that she had drenched in icing, with her daddy.


After all of this fun, I marched the kids upstairs for a much needed bath while Jarrod cleaned up downstairs (probably with Bailey’s help)!

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