Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny came while we were at church this morning, but these two kids had already been brushing up on their hunting skills!

Our first Easter egg hunt was the MOMS Club hunt on Thursday.  It took Trenton a little while to remember how hunting eggs goes, but he soon got the hang of it.  At first he was going around, opening up eggs, and only putting them in his basket if he liked what he saw!


Charlotte picked up a couple of eggs and was then content playing with those couple of eggs the whole time the rest of the kids were hunting.  My friend Eileen caught a couple of really cute pictures of her.



Yesterday we visited Lee Hall Mansion for their Easter Egg Hunt.  Trenton and Charlotte both hunted in the 1-4 year old group (plus a bunch of parents running all over the field).  Amid all the chaos, Trenton wound up with 8 eggs (a lot for such a large hunt).  Charlotte had 2 eggs in her basket - both put in there by a lady who felt sorry for her!





This morning Charlotte once again picked up a couple of eggs and was then content playing with them while Trenton filled his basket all the way up to the top and then proceeded to dump it out into a big pile on the lawn.  I think Charlotte knew that we would make Trenton share his loot, so she figured that she didn’t have to worry about overexerting herself!




It wasn’t until all of the eggs had been found and dumped back out on the ground, that the kids noticed that the Easter Bunny left them a fun toy on the deck.



A water table!  And yes, we let our kids play in their church clothes!  It was just water and we were going to be changing them into other clothes soon, so we figured it wouldn’t hurt anything!

While the kids were playing, I went down to pick up all of the eggs Trenton dumped out before all of the chocolate ended up a gooey mess.  Miss Mountain Goat tried to climb the railing to get to me!  Boy am I in trouble!


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Eileen said...

Charlotte's Easter dress is adorable!
Eden wasn't able to get any eggs at Lee Hall. I am so impressed that Trenton found 8! The Easter bunny gave Eden one but I felt bad that they were gone so fast. It was craziness!