Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Smith Water Park

We’ve had a some really nice days this week, and today we broke out the swimsuits! 


Jarrod set up the sprinkler in the backyard. 


He also surprised us by picking up a kiddie pool on his way home from work.  Putting Charlotte’s new slide into the pool made a perfect waterslide!



Charlotte did not like the waterslide as much as Trenton.



Although Charlotte didn’t like playing in the water, she did enjoy hanging out with Mommy watching Trenton play.


Trenton then wanted Mommy to go down the slide.  The slide held my weight fine, but is definitely not wide enough for “Mommy hips.”


Trenton got brave and decided to try tricks on the slide.  He would start off going down the slide the correct way and then flip over before he got to the bottom – like this…


This is what happens when you’re not careful though -


Not to worry – Trenton brushed it off and went right back to sliding! 

What a fun way to start off summer!  I’m sure the Smith Water Park will be seeing a lot of us this summer!  Hopefully Charlotte will learn to enjoy it!

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