Friday, April 22, 2011

Trenton’s Big Move

Since Jarrod’s 7-month deployment is fast approaching, we figured now was as good a time as ever to convert Trenton’s crib into a toddler bed.  Jarrod converted the crib this morning, and I took Trenton upstairs for his nap after lunch.  He was more than willing to lay down in his “new bed” to go night-night.  As I walked out of his room with him still laying down clutching his pillow, I thought to myself, “Wow!  That was easy!  Why didn’t we switch the bed sooner?” 

Trenton was still laying down when I got downstairs and turned on the camera monitor.  I took over nap duties for Charlotte, who had decided that she didn’t want to nap in her bed, from Jarrod and settled in on the couch for some rest.  A few minutes later, I saw Trenton pop up and crawl out of bed.  “Not a big deal,” I thought.  “This is normal.”  A little while later I heard him call out for Mommy and Daddy, so I had Jarrod go upstairs to check on him.  Jarrod got him back in bed, and all was well.

After laying down for a few minutes, Trenton was up again.  This time, he went to his window and spent about 5 minutes looking outside.  Jarrod went back up to check on him, and this time, took the monitor with him. 

I hadn’t heard anything else when Jarrod came back in the living room about 45 minutes later.  I asked how Trenton was, and Jarrod told me that he was pretty sure Trenton was asleep, but the door was locked.  What???  Apparently Trenton had been messing around with the door (that I put a door knob cover on this morning) and locked it.  Jarrod figured this out when he tried to get into Trenton’s room to take his pacifier (we are trying to wean him off the pacifier).

Charlotte had just woke up, so she and I followed Jarrod upstairs to watch him try to pick the lock to Trenton’s room.

Jarrod had already used a wire coat hanger to try to get into the room.  Next he tried an Allen wrench.  That didn’t work either, so he tried a paper clip.  After yet another failed attempt, we finally decided it would be best to take the door knob off.

We were finally able to get into Trenton’s room after removing the door knob.  This is what we found.

Somehow Trenton slept though all of the noise of trying to get his door open…on the floor…not here -

Trenton slept though all of the picture taking too.  Jarrod and I decided to leave him sleeping floor and let him keep the pacifier too.  Jarrod, Charlotte, and I hadn’t even gotten halfway down the stairs when we heard Trenton wake up.  And let me tell you, he was NOT happy!  We dealt with an hour of the worst crankiness I have ever seen out of Trenton before he changed his attitude.

After such a bad experience with the first time in the big boy bed, I was not looking forward to putting Trenton down for the night.  After our bedtime routine, Trenton was again more than ready to climb into his bed to go to sleep.  This time though, he stayed in bed – until he fell asleep!  We’re keeping our fingers crossed that he stays there all night!

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