Monday, April 4, 2011

Trenton’s First Trip to the Dentist

Trenton visited the dentist for the first time today.  I started explaining to Trenton yesterday that he would be taking a trip to the “teeth doctor.” 

I was expecting some fight from Trenton – not this…


Trenton thought the hygienist was the dentist.  As soon as he got up in the chair, he said, “Dentist.  Teeth.  Aaaahhhh.”  He knew exactly what to do and didn’t put up any fight.  He actually seemed to enjoy having his teeth cleaned! 

Once the hygienist was finished cleaning Trenton’s teeth, we went into Dr. Bobby’s office where Trenton got to play with toys and watch Curious George while we waited.  This part didn’t go quite as easy as the teeth cleaning.  Dr. Bobby sat across from me, had Trenton get on my lap facing me, and then had Trenton lay back putting his head in Dr. Bobby’s lap.  Trenton didn’t like this too much but didn’t throw a huge fit.  Dr. Bobby said that we can expect four more molars within the next year.  Sounds like fun!  He also told me something that I was expecting to hear – get rid of the paci.  Trenton still uses his pacifier at naptime and bedtime.  We’ve been battling Charlotte’s sleep issues, but since those seem to be getting under control, we’ll be tackling the paci issue next!

My friend Kristen kept Charlotte while I took Trenton to the dentist.  When Trenton and I came to get Charlotte, we found her enjoying the beautiful weather in Reid’s swing.


Yes, that is my little Aggie underneath that Texas Tech cap!  Poor girl is going to have an identity crisis if she gets put in any more rival wear (my dad put her in a Longhorn cap back in January)!  Thanks to Kristen though, Charlotte’s little bald head didn’t end up as red as the cap!


Sal Casley said...

Parents like us should really explain to our kids why they should go to their dentist regularly. 'Coz there are some kiddos who got so scared, because they were no guided by their parents properly. And BTW, Trenton looks cute! Great job on his first dentist visit!

Jenny said...

Thanks! Little sister will have her first visit in October. We'll see how that goes!