Monday, May 30, 2011

Shaving Cream Bath Paint

I found this awesome idea over at Meet the Dubiens and just had to try it out with Trenton!  I’ve been wanting to try this for a while, but Charlotte can’t have anything in her bathwater since she’s prone to UTIs.  Plus, she would probably try to eat the shaving cream!  So, being at my parents' house gave me the perfect opportunity to give Trenton a bath by himself while they watched Charlotte.


Who knew shaving cream and food coloring could be so much fun? Trenton thought this was the coolest thing ever!  After he got out of the bathtub, he called pretty much everyone he knows on his play phone and said, “I paint wall!” 

Mommy thought it was pretty cool too, and had to get in on the painting!


We will definitely be doing this fun activity again!

*After rinsing the shaving cream off the wall and giving Trenton a real bath with clean water, I sprayed some KaBOOM! on the walls, and they washed up great.

Splashway Waterpark

Mom, Dad, and I took the kids to Splashway Waterpark in Sheridan on Saturday.  The place is out in the middle of NOWHERE, but it’s a really neat park.  And a great place for young kids.  My little waterbugs loved it!  Charlotte was still a bit too small for most of the slides, but there was a toddler area that was perfect for her.  Trenton started out in the toddler area but then got brave and moved to some bigger slides.   We played a while, ate lunch, and then played some more.  Charlotte fell asleep in the stroller while Trenton was still playing.  After Trenton was finished playing, I changed his clothes, and we headed back to the car.  We weren’t even to the car before he fell asleep on my shoulder.  He was one worn out little boy after a day of fun in the sun!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Country Living

My kids are loving the country life! 

The 4-wheeler has been great incentive for potty training!


Trenton has become a master lawn mower driver.  Maybe he’ll learn to make Mimi and Pops’ lawn look like a baseball field!


Nanny & WaWa made some homemade ice cream one day last week and invited us over to taste it.  While we were there, WaWa mentioned that he had a bulldozer at one of his pastures doing some dirt work.  That’s all it took; Trenton HAD to get over there!  Trenton loved being able to control the lever that pushed the dirt!

We took the kids out to one of Dad and Uncle Greg’s corn fields to pull some corn thinking that Trenton might just eat it if he pulled it and shucked it himself.  Thankfully this field has access to a well, so it is irrigated.  Not all corn fields in this area are irrigated, and the lack of rain has really done a number on that corn.  Trenton had some issues getting into the field, but he did enjoy pulling the corn!


Right across the road from the corn field was one of Pops and Uncle Greg’s rice fields; and there was a flood being held on it!  As soon as Trenton saw the water, he wanted to go in.  He wasn’t too sure about the mud on his feet at first, but he was soon having fun!  The water was a little deep for Charlotte to be walking though, especially with her UTI issues, but she really liked swinging her feet through the water.


Trenton and Mommy shucked the corn (with Charlotte’s help, of course) after we got back to Mimi and Pops’ house. 


While the kids got washed off, Mimi cooked the corn.  Charlotte had to have her corn cut off the cob since the one tooth that she has on top just popped through last week and doesn’t do much good yet.  She loved the corn.  I still haven’t found much that she doesn’t love!  I put some butter on Trenton’s corn, but he informed me that he didn’t want “butter butter.”  He wanted peanut butter!  And that’s how he ate it!  He mostly just licked the peanut butter off, but he did get a few bites of actual corn.


Another “country” day we went out to the barn to watch calves being worked.  Trenton was pretty timid about going in the pen with Pops.  Miss Fearless, on the other hand, loved pointing out all the calves. 


I won’t go into detail about what exactly goes into working calves, but I will say that we opted out of bringing home the main ingredient for calf fries.

Trenton’s favorite part about working calves wasn’t the calves themselves, but playing on the backhoe that was parked at the pens.


I’m not sure what my kids are going to do when we get back to Virginia and they can’t go out to ride 4-wheelers, bulldozers, and backhoes, play in muddy rice fields, and see moo cows!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!


I went to Las Vegas last week to visit my friend, Andrea, and her husband, Jordan.  My trip started off lucky from the time I got to the airport in Houston.  I grabbed a small bite to eat at a restaurant.  The restroom was right next to the restaurant, so I figured I should go before my flight left.  As I was walking out of the restroom, I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going, and I almost ran into someone.  I mumbled, “Oh, I’m sorry,” and then looked up to see that the person I almost ran into was this man:


Holy smokes, it was Drew Brees!  And he’s even better looking in person!  I didn’t get a picture with him or an autograph; I was too stunned to even form a sentence!

My first night in Vegas was pretty low key.  Andrea, Jordan, and I grabbed a bite to eat and then settled in for the night. 

The next day, Andrea and I spent our time sightseeing on the strip.  We went into seven casinos, but between Andrea and me, we only put $5 into slots.  We were having too much fun looking at the beautiful displays in the casinos and window shopping in stores that were a bit too expensive for us.

We also watched the magnificent fountain show at the Bellagio. 

Madame Tussaud’s was by far the most fun of the day though!  Andrea and I had tons of fun being silly and posing with all kinds of celebrities.

Jordan had off the next day, and we all drove down to the Hoover Dam for a tour.  Wow, what a neat place!  Before this trip Abilene, Texas was the farthest west I had been.  So not only was the dam itself something to see, but the scenery was breathtaking!

After leaving the dam, we headed back to the strip for a little more sightseeing and some gambling.  We went to MGM Grand to see the lions, and I decided to take a couple spins at roulette wheel.  I had never played before, but Jordan showed me the ropes.  And I actually made some money!  We did a bit more sightseeing on the strip, and then stopped at Gold & Silver Pawn Shop on our way back to Jordan and Andrea’s.  This wasn’t just any old pawn shop; it is the shop on the History Channel’s Pawn Stars.  The guys from the show had left on a trip to Tulsa a few hours before we got to the store, but it was still a really neat place to see.

My last day in Vegas was a pretty laid back day.  Jordan took us on a driving tour of Red Rock Canyon.  It was so pretty!  We were able to stop off at a couple of spots to grab some pictures. 



After driving through the canyon, we went to a local casino to bowl a few games.  I’m not even going to say what my scores were!  We took it easy the rest of the day since I was flying out EARLY the next morning.

I had a great time in Las Vegas!  Thank you to Jordan and Andrea for opening your home to me and for showing me a great time.  And thank you to my parents for keeping the kids.  I know they had a great time with Mimi and Pops!