Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finding Veggies

WaWa has been looking forward to us coming back to Texas for awhile.  He wanted Trenton to help him pick vegetables out of his garden.  Trenton got the chance to help WaWa about a week ago when we went to Nanny & WaWa’s for lunch one day.  If you ask Trenton what he picked, he’ll tell you it was potatoes, carrots, apples (tomatoes), and bananas (squash).


Trenton was really excited to get inside so that he could eat his carrot.  He’s not a huge fan of carrots, but he’ll eat them every once in a while. 


This was a day that Trenton wasn’t a huge fan of his carrot.  He did want his sister to eat it though.  I told Trenton that Charlotte didn’t have enough teeth to take bites out of the carrot.  Trenton remedied that though; he took the bites, and then gave them to her! 

Next on our list of things for Trenton to pick and then hopefully eat (or at least try) is corn.  I think that Pops has some that’s ready for us!

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