Monday, May 9, 2011

Going to the Chapel

Bradley and Courtney are now Mr. & Mrs. Schmidt!  The wedding was great, and we are so happy that we could be a part of it.

The festivities started off Friday evening with the rehearsal.  The rehearsal went great; Trenton and the flower girl, Trenton’s new friend Emma, did wonderful walking down the aisle.  We were all hoping that they would do the same Saturday at the wedding. 

After rehearsal, we all headed to downtown Stamford to Bunkley’s Deli for the rehearsal dinner.  The building Bunkley’s is housed in was built in 1908 and was a pharmacy for many years.  It was just recently turned into a deli (with one of only 7 working soda fountains in Texas), and was such a cute place for a dinner.


The wedding was BEAUTIFUL!  Courtney looked gorgeous, and my brother was beaming!  Trenton and Emma did a great job walking down the aisle.  They didn’t stand up at the front for the whole wedding, but that’s to be expected of 2 year olds. 

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The reception was held at a place called The Bunkhouse on the grounds of the Texas Cowboy Reunion.  After a yummy meal of fajitas, a couple of toasts, and some awesome cake, everyone walked across the parking lot to the Old Timer’s Roundup Hall for the dance.

Both of these halls were really old (in the super cute antiquey way) and decorated perfectly to fit with the look of the halls.  The old air conditioners had trouble keeping up, but thankfully the 100 degree weather that we had around the time of the wedding had cooled off a bit.   

Bradley's Wedding 724Bradley's Wedding 790-1Bradley's Wedding 799Bradley's Wedding 847Bradley's Wedding 857Bradley's Wedding 865
Trenton, who had not had a nap due to the time we had to be at the church for pictures, was on the dance floor until almost 11pm!  The kid definitely likes the ladies and found lots of little girlfriends!


Charlotte, who took a good long nap at the hotel with my parents while we were at the church early for pictures and another nap during the wedding ceremony, somehow fell asleep despite the loud music of the dance and dreamed the night away in her pack and play.


We are so happy for Bradley and Courtney.  They are a beautiful couple, and we are glad we can now call Courtney our sister!  Congratulations!

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