Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Grace Children’s Museum–Abilene, Texas

We visited The Grace Children’s Museum in Abilene while we were in town for Bradley and Courtney’s wedding and had a WONDERFUL time!

Jarrod took the kids to the museum while Mom and I went to have our nails done for the wedding.  I met up with Jarrod and the kids after Mom and I were done.

The museum was built in 1909 as Hotel Grace.  It became The Grace Museum in 1992.  The children’s museum takes up part of the second floor.  The remainder of the second floor, along with the first floor, houses the art museum, and the third floor is a history museum.  One price gets you in to see everything.  

The children’s museum is great!  The kids had a blast, and Jarrod and I did too! 

This life-size Operation game was really neat!  Trenton didn’t really understand the object of the game though and thought that he was supposed to make the game “buzz”!

This wall was Jarrod’s favorite thing in the museum.  Each panel made a different musical sound.  Jarrod had a lot of fun showing the kids how it worked.

The museum had this great stage with a lot of really fun costumes.  The kids weren’t too keen on wearing costumes, but they did enjoy dancing around on the stage while Daddy and I worked the lights.

The absolute favorite part of the museum for both kids was this ambulance.  They loved driving it and “fixing” the man in the back.


We had a blast at The Grace Children’s Museum!  We also peeked upstairs at the history museum, and it was really neat too.  If you are ever in the Abilene area, this is definitely a place to check out!

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Glad you had fun!