Tuesday, June 28, 2011

15 Months!

It’s hard to believe that our little baby girl is already 15 months old!  Charlotte is such a funny little girl and has a great big personality.  She loves making faces to get others to laugh.  She is definitely on the go and is a very fast runner!  Big brother has taught her some tricks too.  Her favorite is spinning around in circles.  She says “round round” while making herself dizzy!  Charlotte has a great vocabulary; much more extensive than Trenton did at this age.  Charlotte has FINALLY gotten some teeth!  She has four on the bottom and two on top with two more on top getting ready to pop through. 

We spent some time at the pediatrician’s office last week.  Trenton spiked a fever early in the week, and by Thursday morning Charlotte had it too.  I figured it was just a virus, but I had to call the doctor since her temperature was over 102 degrees.  Dr. Altman had us come in to get a urine sample as a precautionary measure.  We were all surprised when the dipstick test showed bacteria in her urine.  Charlotte was put on an antibiotic treatment and will start a new preventative antibiotic once she is finished with her 10-day treatment.

Yesterday I took Charlotte back to the pediatrician’s office for her 15-month check up.  Because Charlotte hadn’t been without fever all that long and now had a cold, we decided to wait to give her the 15-month vaccinations. 

Charlotte is doing wonderfully developmentally, but she does not seem to be growing the way she should.  She has only gained 9 ounces since her 1-year appointment, and hasn’t grown any height wise.  She weighs 21 pounds (20th percentile) and is 29.25 inches tall (15th percentile).  Charlotte is having some lab work done next week to make sure there are no underlying issues as to why her growth has slowed down so much. 

It is so much fun watching Charlotte develop into a little person.  She is such a sweet, loving little girl, but she also likes stomping her foot at Mommy when she wants something!  This is such a fun age, and I’m loving every minute of it…well, except for when she and Trenton insist on fighting over the same toy!

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